Ypsilanti District Library Trustee Manual

Updated, January 2016


 Introductory Information

•         Library mission statement and core values

•         Trustee roster

•         Board meeting schedule 2016

•         Board Committee Appointments 2016

•         Holidays and closings 2016

•         Library organizational chart

•         Class size and service population information

•         YDL annual report (most recent)

•         Library acronyms

 Trustee Resources

•         YDL Board of Trustees By-Laws

•         YDL Trustee job description

•         Library of Michigan trustee resources page

•         United for Libraries membership information and resources

•         QSAC History, Getting Started, and FAQ

•         Michigan Public Library Trustee Manual (2004)

 Financial Information

•         YDL approved budget fiscal year 2016

•         Annual disclosure document 2014

•         Public Library Financial Management Guide Chapter 5:  Revenues and Expenditures (2014)

•         Ypsilanti District Library Endowment Fund information

 Director & Staff

•         Library Director Job description

•         Collective Bargaining Agreement 2015-2018

•         Ypsilanti District Library Employee Manual (2011)

 Long-Range Planning

•         YDL Strategic Plan 2011-2014

•         YDL Technology Plan 2013-2016


•         Board meeting minutes – current year


•         Ypsilanti District Library Policy Manual


•         Michigan Library Laws Handbook 2013 table of contents

•         The Library Network plan of service


•         ALA Advocacy University contents page

•         About Ilovelibraries.org

•         Quotable facts about America’s libraries

•         “Library Advocate’s Checklist” from ALA’s Library Advocate’s Handbook

•          Chapter 4 Advocacy: a Basic Board Responsibility,” The Successful Library Trustee Handbook, 2nd edition, by Mary Y. Moore, 2010, American Library Association.


•          Five Leadership roles for Library Trustees

•          How Internet e-mail can violate the open meetings act (and what you can do about it)

•          The Library trustee and the public librarian:  partners in service

•          Major duties, functions, and responsibilities of public library trustees:  an outline

•          Public relations as a library trustee’s responsibility

•          Dos and Don’ts for trustees

•          The Good library Board

•          Boardsmanship:  preparing yourself to serve effectively

•          “Targeted” board recruiting efforts create a leadership organization


For additional information, contact Lisa Hoenig, Library Director, 482-4110 x1300.


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