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YDL offers downloadable books and audiobooks through Overdrive's Download Destination.

Who can use this service?

Any resident of YDL’s service area with a valid library card can access Overdrive.  Note that you MUST reside or own property in the City of Ypsilanti, the Township of Ypsilanti, or the Township of Superior in order to use this service.  Non-resident cards are not eligible due to contract limitations beyond our control. 

How does it work?

This short video shows how to access eBooks on an Amazon Kindle. The procedure will vary slightly for other devices, but browsing and checking out eBooks and eAudiobooks on Overdrive works the same way as shown in the video.


What is Overdrive?

Overdrive is a digital collection of materials available for download.  Overdrive works with leading technology companies to develop software and apps for end users to enjoy eBooks, eAudiobooks, music and video. Compatible computers and devices include PC, Mac, Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile, among others.  

The collection includes popular eBooks and eAudiobooks from bestselling authors that can be downloaded and “checked out” just like regular library materials.  After the specified check out time, the item is automatically removed from your device.  Please keep in mind that these materials are very popular, and, like print editions, e-editions of popular items will likely have a wait list. 

How do I get started? 

  1. Make sure you are using a compatible device. Visit the Overdrive website for a complete listing.
  2. Download the necessary software to your laptop, reader, or portable device. 
  3. Search either the YDL Catalog or Overdrive catalog for available items.

Please note that YDL’s public PCs cannot support the transfer of Overdrive media to personal devices. Some devices allow you to download directly to them using a wireless connection. If your device requires an initial download to a computer, you will need to use a computer in addition to your device in order to use Overdrive.You may use YDL’s wireless connection to download to your laptop inside YDL facilities.

Somebody help me!

Feel free to call us at (734) 482-4110, ext. 1377 (Whittaker Rd.), ext. 1385 (Michigan Ave), or ext. 1391 (Superior). You may also contact us by email.

If you need additional help, visit the Download Destination Quick Start page or the Download Destination Help page. You  may also send an email to the technical support staff at downloaddestination@gmail.com.  Please include the following information in your message:

  • Steps to reproduce the problem (in as much detail as possible)
  • Exact text of any error message (screen shots are helpful)
  • URL(s) of any error page(s) you encounter
  • Library card number
  • Title(s) of problem download(s)
  • Applicable software version (this information can typically be found under Help > About.)
  • Operating system (Mac® OS 10.6.2, Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows XP, etc.)
  • Internet browser and version (Internet Explorer® 8.0, Firefox® 3.0, etc. In most browsers, find this under Help > About.)
  • If applicable, device type and operating system

Information for Kindle Users

View an instructional video for downloading from Overdrive to Kindle

You may receive renewal or purchase messages from Amazon regarding your OverDrive download of library eBooks to Kindle readers. These messages are not from YDL, and do not affect the terms of your library download. YDL never solicits purchases or charges any fees for the use of digital library material.

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