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A love like bloodBy Sedgwick, Marcus author.

Sedgwick’s adult debut is billed as a macabre psychological thriller. We first encounter medic Charles Jackson in Paris, witnessing what appears to be a man drinking blood from a young woman’s chest in a murky underpass. Rather than go to her assistance, he flees, a decision that will forever haunt him. A few years later, while attending a hematology conference, Jackson sights the same man, and learns his name (Verovkin) from his English tutor, Marian, with whom Jackson falls in love. His growing obsession and guilt lead him on a dangerous path, for Verovkin is involved in what seems to be a religious cult. When he finds out that Marian has died, Jackson’s mania overtakes him, and he is reduced to compulsive blood-thirst himself. Tension is kept high in this tantalizing page-turner. Not for the squeamish.

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