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Just mercy : a story of justice and redemptionBy Stevenson, Bryan

Just Mercy is Bryan Stevenson’s outstanding memoir in which he details his role in the establishment and building of a non-profit organization called the Equal Justice Initiative (www.eji.org) in Montgomery, Alabama. The EJI provides legal defense for poor incarcerated adults and children who, in many cases, did not have access to adequate legal counsel. Stevenson’s earliest case was that of Walter McMillan, who spent years on death row for a murder of which he was innocent. Walter’s case is the backbone of the book; Stevenson and the other young lawyers he persuaded to join him handled many others, including juveniles given life sentences in adult prisons. Always battling entrenched Southern racist attitudes and illegal processes, this eye-opening book will anger and inspire you. Mr. Stevenson is currently a professor of law at New York University Law School and executive director of EJI.

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