Washtenaw Literacy

Washtenaw Literacy’s purpose is straightforward: we help adults change their lives through literacy. Our organization has over 30 years' experience in helping men and women improve their reading, writing and English as a second language skills.

This focus on individual goals makes our program unique in the county. Washtenaw Literacy is a critical part of our community’s educational continuum. Someday we hope to have no need for our services. Until then, we’ll support our volunteer tutors as they help low-literate men and women improve their skills and their lives.

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Staff Recommendations

All the light we cannot see : a novelBy Doerr, Anthony, 1973-

Werner is an orphaned German teenager with a knack for electronics; his talent is noticed and he is selected for enrollment in an exclusive school where he is allowed access to a lab and individual instruction on radio transmitters. Marie-Laure is a blind French teen who lives with her father in Paris—he is the locksmith for the Museum of Natural History. They are displaced when the Germans take over Paris—Marie-Laure's father is charged with caring for a rare diamond from the museum so the Nazis wouldn’t find it when they flee to the home of her great uncle in Saint-Malo, . Werner and Marie-Laure’s stories of growing up during the end of WWII alternate and mostly range from 1944 to the present. Circumstances cause their lives to eventually converge. This is a beautifully written book with lots of compelling subplots and intrigue, wonderful characters living under the duress of war, detailed atmospherics and a compelling, plausible coming-of-age love story. Highly recommended for those who like historical fiction, this book is worthy of the many accolades it is receiving.

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