Online payment instructions

YDL now accepts online payments for library fines, donations, and adding funds to a printing account. Visa and MasterCard are accepted. All payments are made through a secure server. Refunds and cash back are not available.

To use this service, go to our SmartPay website and login with your library card and PIN:

After logging in, you will see the home screen:

Choose from the tabs to add money to your printing account, pay library fees or fines, or make a donation to the library.


Adding Money to a Printing Account:

You may add money to your account to print from any YDL public computer. This money can be used for printing (black and white or color), but is not available for copying. All YDL copiers are now coin-operated. See our services page for more information about photocopying and printing.

Please note that these funds are nonrefundable. If you are adding printing funds to a guest pass, only add the amount you anticipate using during your computer session. Funds added to library cards will remain available during the lifetime of your account.


Paying Fines/Fees:

If you have fines on your library card, you may pay them. Fines will be removed automatically once they are paid. Check off the fines you wish to pay, and enter your credit card information.


Making a Donation:

Your gift matters to YDL and will help us fulfill the library’s mission “to enrich life, stimulate intellectual curiosity, foster literacy, and encourage an informed citizenry.” Those who itemize may receive a deduction on their federal tax.


Need assistance? Contact our webmaster.

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