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Clayton Smith of Go Work Co Work YpsilantiAn article from Forbes Magazine back in 2013 talks about the concept of co-working, where entrepreneurs and small business owners share space to save money and build relationships. Did you know that there are two active co-working spaces in downtown Ypsilanti and another on the way? Spark East is an incubator with have specific criteria for their members, and construction has started on Back Office Studio’s new Washington Street space.

If you’re looking for a space right now that welcomes any type or size of business, GoWork CoWork Ypsilanti could be your answer. Clayton Smith, one of the co-founders, recently shared information about GoWork CoWork Ypsilanti, their services, and their connections to downtown Ypsilanti. See if co-working is for you!

What is Co-Working?      

Co-working is a communal place for work alongside others, fostering personal, business and professional relationships. It’s professional work space for those who can’t afford it otherwise, a place for those who work from home but want/need to get out of the house sometimes. It’s a diverse group of folks.

How did you become involved with co-working?       

Co-Working Space

Co-Working Space at GoWork CoWork Ypsilanti

We were three college guys who were friends. One of us traveled a lot for work and used co-working sites for work successfully. He thought it might be a good fit for Ypsilanti. One of the co-founders is from Ypsilanti and I’ve lived here for a number of years. Ypsilanti didn’t have a co-working business. We looked at statistics and found that Ypsilanti has a lot of home-based businesses. Over 1,000 people work from home within a 5 mile radius of downtown Ypsilanti.

What are the benefits of co-working?       

There are three main benefits:

  • Separation of work and home life
  • Being around others, the social aspect
  • The professional potential/collaboration

What kinds of spaces do you offer? Do you cater to a specific niche or is it general work space for anyone?                            

People working on laptops

People at work at GoWork CoWork Ypsilanti

We have a conference room and shared-use office space for anybody! We have coders, social media professionals and lawyers, among others.

What services/programs/features do you offer?       

We have a conference room, lockers to rent, snacks, water, coffee, tea, internet access, printer, copier, and scan service. We plan member events, including after-hour social events, networking, and workshops. We’ve hosted art exhibits, a free LinkedIn head shots event, and a women in business empowerment event. We’re planning a board game night, we even made waffles for members one day!

We have a strong connection to downtown Ypsilanti and will continue to offer events to tie in with other community events like First Fridays. We’re planning on offering more workshops in the future.