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Miss Stacey is a librarian in YDL’s Outreach Department. You can find her on the Bookmobile, either doing storytime or going out on the evening route, or at our Superior location.

How long have you worked at YDL?

I’ve worked for YDL for 14 years in various positions; 8 years as a librarian.

How long have you been doing storytime?

I cannot remember when I first began doing storytime, but it was before I was a librarian. These days I mostly do special visits at schools a few times a month. Classes are scheduled for a half hour and come out to the Bookmobile. I’ll read them a story or two and then they look around at the books.

What’s your favorite part of storytime?

It’s hard to have a favorite part of storytime but I love when the story is so good or funny that it has everyone’s full attention–like it’s gripping them. I love taking a group on that journey. I also enjoy speaking in different voices to make the characters more real too. It’s fun and theatrical.

What was your favorite book as a child?

I can narrow it down to three books:

  1. P.D. Eastman’s Flap Your Wings
  2. Virginia Lee Burton’s The Little House
  3. William Steig’s Sylvester and the Magic Pebble

These are books that have given me lifelong memories.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work? 

I like to have friends over for meals, Euchre, croquet games, and fires in the patio pit. A night out dancing is always fun. I’m a big Detroit Lions and NFL fan, so when it’s football season I enjoy watching a ton of football. I also enjoy fishing and boating.

What’s your favorite thing about Ypsi? 

A librarian is reading a picture bookMy favorite thing about Ypsi is that it cares about having a great community. People who live here are willing to work to make that happen. I also like that I’m rooted here and so are a lot of people that I’ve known for many years now. Relationships take time to grow and there is little more dear than the various folks/townies I’ve known for a long time.