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Thank you, Voters! We are thrilled to announce that the Ypsilanti District Library’s 2018 millage request has been approved. Everyone at YDL is humbled by the outpouring of support in the last few weeks—not just at the ballot box but from supporters everywhere expressing how much they love the library.

We especially want to thank supporters and volunteers who helped get out the word about the millage proposal. We are grateful for the time and energy they spent working for the good of our community. Thank you for recognizing the value of a quality library.

With the passage of this millage, the Ypsilanti District Library will be able to do more for our community. Here’s a preview:

MORE books, movies & music

YDL’s collections budget—which is used to buy everything you can check out or download—was one of the areas that was cut back after the recession. Librarians had to make a choice between getting a variety of unique items, or buying multiple copies of popular books to reduce wait times. Now they won’t have to choose!

Because of you: Library users can expect more “I can’t believe my library has that!” moments, AND shorter wait lists for popular items.

MORE library access for Superior Township & Willow Run

If you ask any parent who lives in the MacArthur Boulevard area the best thing about their neighborhood, they’ll tell you immediately—the library. Kids flock to the library after school to go online, read, and yes, even do homework. But they’ll also tell you it’s too small and not open enough hours. A new branch on Harris Road will offer vastly improved library access to this neighborhood and others in Superior Township and Willow Run. The new building will have dedicated youth and teen areas and be open six days a week with double the operating hours of the current Superior location.

Because of you: YDL will break ground on a new library branch in 2019, placing nearly everyone in the YDL district within a 10-minute drive of a full service library.

MORE welcoming and usable spaces

“Space Utilization Study” may not sound exciting, but it’s the key to doing more with the same amount of space at our existing buildings. At Michigan Ave, the well-used downstairs youth area feels cramped at times, and rearranging it will make the area feel larger and more welcoming for kids and families. At Whittaker Road, the second floor has large underused areas that could become meeting rooms or group study areas. We want your input on the future of these spaces—expect to see surveys in the coming year about how the library can best meet your needs!

Because of you: Young kids at Michigan Avenue will have a bigger, more welcoming place to play.

MORE Up-to-date technology

Thousands of residents depend on the library for access to computers and wireless internet, whether it’s because they don’t have a computer or printer at home or are just looking for a quiet place to work or study. The operating millage will allow YDL to replace aging patron computers, improve internet speeds, and replace our catalog system to make it faster and easier to find and check out materials.

Because of you: your library will have the tools to bridge the digital divide and offer the high-quality technical service our patrons deserve.