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(This article has been updated to report partially closed areas of the library that have since opened.)

After a being closed for the weekend, the Whittaker Road library opened to the public at 9am on Monday, February 4. The library had closed Friday afternoon due to a burst pipe that caused flooding in the back stairwell near the youth area. Later that day, a second burst pipe left water on the floor of Beezy’s Library Café and the Community Room. Thankfully, no library materials were damaged!

Two areas of the library that had been closed earlier in the week have now reopened as well: beezy’s library cafe reopened Wednesday Feb. 6, the  The Power of Children exhibit reopened Thursday, Feb. 7, and the Story Room will be available for storytimes starting on Saturday.

YDL would like to extend a huge “thank you” to the staff and remediation crew that worked hard over the weekend to ensure the library could open as soon as possible. The Ypsilanti Township Fire Department was also immensely helpful, helping address water issues and advising the library on fire suppression measures while our sprinkler system was out of order.