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Anna (2019. Suspense/Thriller, Director: Luc Besson)

Starring: Sasha Luss, Helen Mirren, Luke Evans, Cillian Murphy, Lera Abova, Alexander Petrov

Beneath Anna Poliatova’s striking beauty lies a secret that will unleash her indelible strength and skill to become one of the world’s most feared government assassins. (widescreen, R)

Annabelle Comes Home (2109. Horror, Director: Gary Dauberman)

Starring: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, McKenna Grace, Madison Iseman, Samara Lee, Steve Coulter

Determined to keep Annabelle from wreaking more havoc, demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren bring the possessed doll to the locked artifacts room in their home, placing her ‘safely’ behind sacred glass and enlisting a priest’s holy blessing. But an unholy night of horror awaits as Annabelle awakens the evil spirits in the room, who set their sights on a new target, the Warrens’ ten-year-old daughter, Judy, and her friends. (widescreen)

Booksmart (2019. Comedy: Young Adult, Director: Olivia Wilde)

Starring: Kaitlyn Dever, Beanie Feldstein, Jessica Williams, Lisa Kudrow, Will Forte, Jason Sudeikis, Billie Lourd

Told from a wildly original, fresh and modern perspective, this is an unfiltered comedy about high school best friends and the bonds they create that last a lifetime. It is a coming of age story for a new generation. (widescreen, DVD and Blu-ray, R)

Breakthrough (2019. Drama: Family/Spiritual, Director: Roxann Dawson)

Starring: Chrissy Metz, Topher Grace, Josh Lucas, Marcel Ruiz, Dennis Haysbert, Rebecca Staab, Sam Trammell, Mike Colter

Based on the inspirational true story of one mother’s unfaltering love in the face of impossible odds. When Joyce Smith’s adopted son John falls through an icy Missouri lake, all hope seems lost. But as John lies lifeless, Joyce refuses to give up. Her steadfast belief inspires those around her to continue to pray for John’s recovery. A reminder that faith and love can create a mountain of hope, and sometimes even a miracle. (widescreen, PG)

Breakthrough: the Ideas that Changed the World  (2019. PBS Television series/ History)

Starring: Patrick Stewart

Contains: The Robot; The Rocket; The Smartphone; The Telescope; The Car; and The Airplane.  (widescreen)

Broad City Season 5 (2019. Television Comedy Series)

Starring: Abbi Jacobson, Ilana Glazer

Meet Abbi and Ilana, two best friends navigating their twenties in New York City. Whether they’re hustling for Lil Wayne tickets or just trying to get to a wedding on time, they’re always down for whatever life throws at them. (widescreen, NR)

Carmin Tropical (2019. Mexican Drama, Director: Rigoberto Perezcano)

Starring: Jose Pescina, Luis Alberti, Everardo Trejo

Mabel, a muxe, returns home to her village in Oaxaca, Mexico to find her friend’s killer. (widescreen, Spanish, NR)

Child’s Play (2019. Horror, Director: Lars Klevberg)

Starring: Aubrey Plaza, Mark Hamill, Tim Matheson, Gabriel Bateman, Brian Tyree Henry, David Lewis

A mother gives her son a toy doll for his birthday, unaware of its more sinister nature. (widescreen, R)

Crashing the Complete First Season (2017. HBO Television Comedy Series)

Starring: Pete Holmes, Artie Lange, Lauren Lapkus, George Basil, Jermaine Fowler, Aparna Nancherla

A New York comic is forced to make a new start for himself after his wife leaves him.  (widescreen, TV-MA)

Curse of La Llarona (2019. Horror Suspense/ Thriller, Director: Michael Chaves)

Starring: Linda Cardellini, Raymond Cruz, Marisol Ramirez, Patricia Velasquez, Sean Patrick Thomas, Paul Rodriguez, Tony Amendola

Ignoring the eerie warning of a troubled mother suspected of child endangerment, a social worker and her small kids are soon drawn into a frightening supernatural realm. Their only hope to survive the deadly wrath may be a disillusioned priest and the mysticism he practices to keep evil at bay, on the fringes where fear and faith collide. (widescreen, R)

Dark Phoenix (2019. Action/Adventure/ Superheroes, Director: Simon Kinberg)

Starring: Sophie Turner, Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Michael Fassbender, Nicholas Hoult, Evan Peters

The story of one of the X-Men’s most beloved characters, Jean Grey, as she evolves into her iconic alter ego. During a life-threatening rescue mission in space, Jean is hit by a cosmic force that transforms her into one of the most powerful mutants of all. Wrestling with this increasingly unstable power as well as her own personal demons, Jean spirals out of control, tearing the X-Men family apart and threatening to destroy the very fabric of our planet. (widescreen, DVD and Blu-ray, PG-13)

Dead Don’t die (2019.  Horror/ Comedy/Zombies, Director: Jim Jarmusch)

Starring: Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Eszter Balint, Steve Buscemi, Austin Butler, Danny Glover, Selena Gomez, Caleb Landry Jones, Carol Kane, Tilda Swinton, Tom Waits, Rosie Perez, Chloe Sevigny

In the sleepy small town of Centerville, something is not quite right. The moon hangs large and low in the sky, the hours of daylight are becoming unpredictable, and animals are beginning to exhibit unusual behaviors. No one quite knows why, and no one foresees the strangest and most dangerous repercussion that will soon start plaguing the town. The dead rise from their graves and savagely attack and feast on the living, and the citizens of the town must battle for their survival. (widescreen, DVD and Blu-ray, R)

 Delinquent Season (2019. Romantic Drama, Director: Mark O’Rowe)

Starring: Cillian Murphy, Eva Birthistle, Catherine Walker, Andrew Scott, Lara McDonnell, Nathan O’Toole

It is a tense drama which revolves around two couples in suburban Dublin. On paper, they both appear to live in marital bliss, until an altercation occurs and cracks begin to appear in both of these seemingly steady marriages. It is an examination of love, lust and family relationships, and asks the question: how well do any of us really know each other?  (widescreen, NR)

Distant Constellation (2019. Turkish Documentary, Director: Shevaun Mizrahi)

A beautifully composed and magical documentary that introduces viewers to the colorful residents of a Turkish retirement home, a community made up of pranksters, historians, artists, and would-be Casanovas. An Independent Spirit Award nominee, Mizrahi’s playful, dreamy film is one of the most unforgettable cinematic experiences of the year. (widescreen, Turkish with English subtitles, NR)

Dr. Andrew Weil Collection  (2019. Health/ Nutrition/Wellness)

Starring: Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D.

Five of Dr. Weil’s landmark programs on health and nutrition in one essential DVD set: 8 Weeks to Optimum Health; Spontaneous Healing; Eating Well for Optimum Health; Dr. Andrew Weil’s Healthy Aging; and Dr. Andrew Weil’s Guide to Eating Well.  (widescreen)

Dragged Across Concrete (2019. Canadian Action/Crime/ Police, Director: S. Craig Zahler)

Starring: Mel Gibson, Jennifer Carpenter, Vince Vaughn, Tory Kittles, Michael Jai White

Once two overzealous cops get suspended from the force, they must delve into the criminal underworld to get their just due. (widescreen, R)

Dynasties (2019, BBC Documentary Television Series)

Starring: David Attenborough

Nature depicted as never seen before: high stakes drama that goes deeper into the lives of five of the world’s most celebrated and endangered animals than ever before: Chimpanzee, Emperor Penguin, Lion, Painted Wolf and Tiger.  (widescreen)

Echo in the Canyon (2019. Music Documentary, Director: Andrew Slater

Starring: Tom Petty, Brian Wilson, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Michelle Phillips, Jackson Browne

A film that celebrates the explosion of popular music that came out of LA’s Laurel Canyon in the mid-60s as folk went electric and the Byrds, the Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield, and the Mamas and the Papas gave birth to the California Sound. It was a moment (1965 to 1967) when bands came to LA to emulate the Beatles, and Laurel Canyon emerged as a hotbed of creativity and collaboration for a new generation of artists who would soon put their stamp on the history of American popular music.  (widescreen, PG-13)

Escape at Dannemora (2019. Showtime Award Winning Dramatic Television Mini Series, Director: Ben Stiller)

Starring: Benicio Del Toro, Patricia Arquette, Bonnie Hunt, Paul Dano, Eric Lange, David Morse, Jeremy Bobb

Based on a stranger-than-fiction prison break in upstate New York, the story of two convicts who spawned a statewide manhunt and were aided in their escape by a married female prison employee who became involved with both men. It’s a bizarre tale filled with twists and turns, yet through it all there’s one thing that unites the inmates and citizens: everyone’s looking for a way out.  (widescreen, NR)

Genesis 2.0 (2019. Documentary, Directors: Christian Frei, Maxim Arbugaev)

Starring: Maxim Arbugaev, Christian Frei, Peter Grigoriev, Semyon Grigoriev, Woo Suk Hwang, George Church

On the remote New Siberian Islands in the Arctic Ocean, hunters search for tusks of extinct mammoths. One day, they discover a surprisingly well-preserved mammoth carcass. Resurrecting the woolly mammoth is a first manifestation of the next great technological revolution, genetics. It may well turn the world upside down. Werner Herzog meets Jurassic Park in this real-life thriller that explores humanity’s reckless courage and the dawning of a new and unprecedented age of scientific change.  (widescreen, NR)

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019. Action/Adventure: Monsters, Director: Michael Dougherty)

Starring: Charles Dance, Vera Farmiga, Millie Bobby Brown, Bradley Whitford, Sally Hawkins, Ziyi Zhang, Kyle Chandler, David Strathairn, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Thomas Middleditch, Ken Watanabe, Aisha Hinds, Anthony Ramos

Follows the heroic efforts of the crypto-zoological agency Monarch as its members face off against a battery of god-sized monsters, including the mighty Godzilla, who collides with Mothra, Rodan, and his ultimate nemesis, the three-headed King Ghidorah. When these ancient super-species, thought to be mere myths, rise again, they all vie for supremacy, leaving humanity’s very existence hanging in the balance.  (widescreen, DVD and Blu-ray, PG-13)

Gotham the Fifth and Final Season  (2019. Television Action/Adventure/ /Crime/Legal / Series)

Starring: Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue, David Mazouz, Sean Pertwee, Morena Baccarin, Robin Lord Taylor, Erin Richards, Camren Bicondova, Jessica Lucas

The fifth and final season focuses on Bruce Wayne’s ultimate transformation into the Caped Crusader as Jim Gordon struggles to hold together a city on the edge of chaos. Following the epic events of last season, Gotham City is divided between Gordon’s GCPD jurisdiction and some of the city’s most notorious fan-favorite villains such as Penguin, the Riddler, and the iconic Bane.  (widescreen, NR)

Iceman (2019. German Action/Drama, Director: Felix Randau)

Starring: Jurgen Vogel, Andre Hennicke, Susanne Wuest, Sabin Tambrea

Over 5,300 years ago, a Neolithic clan settled near a creek. While their leader Kelab is hunting, the settlement is attacked, and the tribe is brutally murdered, amongst them Kelab’s wife and son. His infant son is missing. He sets out after the murderers on what turns into a grand odyssey where he must fight constantly, for the infant’s survival; against the forces of nature; against hunters; the loneliness of the quest, and the growing sense of doubt over the morality of his mission.  (widescreen, NR)

Image Book  (2019. French Documentary, Director: Jean-Luc Godard)

The legendary Jean-Luc Godard adds to his influential, iconoclastic legacy with this provocative collage film essay, a vast ontological inquiry into the history of the moving image and a commentary on the contemporary world. Displaying an encyclopedic grasp of cinema and its history, Godard pieces together fragments and clips them from some of the greatest films of the past, then digitally alters, bleaches, and washes them, all in the service of reflecting on what he sees in front of him.  (widescreen, French with English subtitles)

In Like Flynn (2019. Action/Adventure/Drama, Director: Russell Mulcahy)

Starring: Thomas Cocquerel, Clive Standen, Nathalie Kelley, Isabel Lucas, William Moseley, Lochlyn Munro, David Wenham, Nathan Jones, Dan Fogler, Callan Mulvey

 The biographical film depicts Errol Flynn’s life before he was an internationally known celebrity. In his early life Flynn was a street fighter, gambler, gold prospector, womanizer, opium smuggler, and adventurer.  (widescreen, R)

Intruder  (2019. Horror /Suspense, Director: Deon Taylor)

Starring: Meagan Good, Michael Ealy, Joseph Sikora, Dennis Quaid, Alvina August, Debs Howard, Lili Sepe, Lee Short

When a young married couple buys their dream house in the Napa Valley, they think they have found the perfect home to take their next steps as a family. But when the strangely attached seller continues to infiltrate their lives, they begin to suspect that he has hidden motivations beyond a quick sale. (widescreen, PG-13)

Knife + Heart (2019. French LGBTQ+, Director: Yann Gonzalez)

Starring: Vanessa Paradis, Kate Moran, Nicolas Maury, Jonathan Genet, Romane Bohringer, Felix Maritaud

Anne is a producer of gay porn at discount. When Loïs, her editor and companion, leaves her, she attempts to reclaim her by turning a film more ambitious with the flamboyant Archibald. (widescreen, French with English subtitles)

Last B-24 (2019. PBS Documentary/Nova Series)

Dive to the bottom of the Adriatic Sea in search of the Tulsamerican, a B-24 bomber that crashed off the coast of Croatia during World War II. The Croatian Navy and some of the world’s leading underwater archaeologists work to investigate the wreckage. Join the team of archaeologist and forensics experts as they search for the crew and identify their remains.  (widescreen, TV-PG)

Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019. Urban Drama, Director: Joe Talbot)

Starring: Jimmie Fails, Jonathan Majors, Danny Glover, Tichina Arnold, Rob Morgan, Mike Epps, Finn Wittrock, Thora Birch

Jimmie Fails dreams of reclaiming the Victorian home his grandfather built in the heart of San Francisco. Joined on his quest by his best friend Mont, Jimmie searches for belonging in a rapidly changing city that seems to have left them behind. As he struggles to reconnect with his family and reconstruct the community he longs for, his hopes blind him to the reality of his situation. (widescreen, DVD and Blu-ray, R)

Late Night  (2019. Comedy/Drama, Director: Nisha Ganatra)

Starring: Emma Thompson, Mindy Kaling, John Lithgow, Hugh Dancy, Reid Scott, Denis O’Hare, Max Casella, Ike Barinholtz, Amy Ryan

After almost 30 years, legendary talk-show host Katherine Newbury suspects she may soon be losing her spot on late-night television unless she makes a game-changing transformation. Making gender equality her goal, she impulsively hires Molly Patel, a chemical plant efficiency expert, as the first and only female on her writing staff. Molly urges her to make the show more contemporary, authentic, and personal, a move that could make Molly’s career or send her back to the chemical plant for good.  (widescreen, R)

Left behind Trilogy (2019. Action/Adventure Drama/Paranormal/Spiritual, Directors: Vic Sarin, Bill Corcoran, Craig R Baxley)

Starring: Kirk Cameron, Brad Johnson, Janaya Stephens, Clarence Gilyard, Jr., Louis Gossett Jr.

The Biblical prophecy of Armageddon begins when the Rapture instantly takes all believers in Christ from the Earth. A reporter left behind learns that the Anti-Christ will soon take power. In the second film, a group of converts forms the Tribulation Force, a secret society with the sole purpose of converting non-believers to Christianity. In World at War, the world falls into chaos as Nicolae Carpathia detonates nuclear devices across the globe and stages multiple devastating attacks.  (widescreen and fullscreen, PG-13)

Level 16 (2019. Canadian Sci-fi Suspense/Thriller, Director: Danishka Esterhazy)

Starring: Katie Douglas, Celina Martin, Sara Canning, Peter Outerbridge, Amalia Williamson, Kate Vickery

Trapped in a mysterious boarding school, sixteen-year-old Vivien and Sophia embark on a dangerous search to uncover the horrifying truth behind their imprisonment. Soon running for their lives, the girls must save themselves or die trying. Featuring striking imagery and charismatic performances, this critically acclaimed, dystopian sci-fi thriller is an intense and furiously cerebral experience like no other.  (widescreen, NR)

Life and Nothing More  More (2019. Award Winning/Drama/Family Relations, Director: Antonio Mendez Esparza)

Starring: Andrew Bleechington, Regina Williams, Robert Williams

Spanish-born filmmaker Antonio Méndez Esparza follows-up his debut drama Aquí y allá with another sensitive portrait of a struggling family. Stressed by her job in a diner, single mother Regina is raising her two children in northern Florida. When her fourteen-year-old son Andrew has another brush with the law, she worries he will wind up in prison like his father. Méndez Esparza employs documentary-style realism in this snapshot of race, class and the bonds of family in contemporary America.  (widescreen)

Little Gandhi (2019. Syrian Documentary, Director: Sam Kadi)

Starring: Robert Ford

A powerful documentary titled for the nickname given to Syrian peace activist Ghiyath Matar, named so for his initiative of facing down violent government security forces with flowers and bottles of water. Matar was a key organizer of peaceful protests in his hometown of Daraya against one of the most vicious regimes in the 21st century. His brutal torture and death at the age of 26 outraged the international community and erupted into one of the most violent crises in modern history.  (widescreen, in Arabic with English subtitles)

Little Miss Westie (2019. LGBTQ+ Documentary, Directors: Dan Hunt, Joy E. Reed)

The story follows two transgender siblings as they navigate puberty, school, dating, and transitioning during the Trump era. Ren is competing in the pageant as the first out trans girl, and her older brother Luca is coaching her on posing, makeup, and talent. He knows his stuff because he competed six years ago when he was living as a girl. Whether Ren wins or loses, this experience will change the family forever, offering a rare window into the lives of two very young gender pioneers. (widescreen)

Looking for the Wild: Unai’s Journey (2019. Pets & Animals/Documentary, Director: Andoni Canela)

Unai is a 10-year-old boy who travels with his family on an extraordinary journey around the world. His father, a nature photographer, has the mission to search for seven emblematic animals to photograph and communicate the delicate situation in which they find themselves.  (widescreen)

 MA (2019. Horror/ Suspense/Thriller, Director: Tate Taylor)

Starring: Octavia Spencer, Luke Evans, Missi Pyle, Juliette Lewis, Allison Janney, Diana Silvers, McKaley Miller, Corey Fogelmanis, Andrew Matthew Welch

Sue Ann, a loner in her quiet Ohio town, is asked by Maggie, a new teenager in town, to buy some booze for her and her friends. Sue Ann sees the chance to make some unsuspecting younger friends. She offers the kids the chance to avoid drinking and driving by hanging out in the basement of her home as long as they abide by the house rules. Her hospitality starts to curdle into obsession, and what began as a teenage dream turns into a terrorizing nightmare. (widescreen, DVD and Blu-ray, R)

Marvel’s Avenger’s Endgame (2019. Action/Adventure Comic Book Superheroes, Directors:  Anthony Russo, Joe Russo)

Starring: Brie Larson, Karen Gillan, Scarlett Johansson, Bradley Cooper, Chris Hemsworth, Evangeline Lilly, Tom Holland, Robert Downey, Jr., Josh Brolin

The grave course of events set in motion by Thanos that wiped out half the universe and fractured their ranks compels the remaining to take one final stand in the grand conclusion to twenty-two films. (widescreen, DVD and Blu-ray, PG-13)

Master Z: the IP Man Legacy (2019. Chinese Adventure, Director: Woo-Ping Yuen)

Starring: Jin Zhang, Dave Bautista, Michelle Yeoh

While keeping a low profile after his defeat by Ip Man, Cheung Tin Chi gets into trouble after getting in a fight with a powerful foreigner.   (widescreen, Cantonese with English subtitles)

Maze (2019. Action Adventure Political Thriller, Director: Stephen Burke)

Starring: Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Barry Ward, Martin McCann

Based on the incredible true story of the 1983 mass breakout of 38 IRA prisoners from a high-security prison. Inmate Larry Marley engineered the largest European prison escape since World War II. Up against the most state-of-the-art and secure prison in the whole of Europe, Larry must coordinate with inmates across several cellblocks. While scheming his way towards pulling off this feat, Larry forms a close bond with prison warden Gordon Close.  (widescreen, NR)

Men in Black: International  (2019. Action/Adventure Comedy/Sci-fi, Director: F. Gary Gray)

Starring: Tessa Thompson, Chris Hemsworth, Rebecca Ferguson, Emma Thompson, Liam Neeson, Rafe Spall, Kumail Nanjiani

The team has always protected the Earth from the scum of the universe, but in this new adventure, they tackle their biggest, most global threat to date: a mole in the organization.  (widescreen, PG-13)

Meeting Gorbachev (2019. Documentary/History, Directors: Werner Herzog, Andre Singer)

Starring: Mikhail Gorbachev, Werner Herzog, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Lech Walesa

Werner Herzog and Andre Singer’s riveting documentary, filled with unforgettable archive materials and based on three never-before-seen interviews, provides incredible access to, arguably, the world’s greatest living politician. Now 88 and battling illness, the visionary Gorbachev, the former General Secretary of the USSR, is still gently but resolutely pushing toward his goals.  (fullscreen)

Modest Heroes: Ponoc Short Films Theatre (2019. Anime/Drama/Action/Adventure, Directors: Hiromasa Yonebayashi, Yoshiyuki Momose, Akihiko Yamashita)

An ambitious anthology of three thrilling tales created by some of the greatest talents in Japanese animation today. Together, the stories explore ideas of heroism in everyday life, and the infinite potential of the short film format which allows the directors and Ponoc to experiment with action-packed visuals, concise drama, and fantasy worlds. (widescreen, DVD and Blu-ray, PG-13)

Moonstruck (2006. Romantic Comedy, Director: Norman Jewison)

Starring: Cher, Nicolas Cage, Danny Aiello, Olympia Dukakis

A story of a widow engaged to one man and in love with his brother. Special features include: commentary with the stars of the film, documentary and featurettes. (widescreen, 2006, PG)

Never Look Away (2019. German Drama/ World War II, Director: Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck)

Starring: Tom Schilling, Sebastian Koch, Paula Beer, Saskia Rosendahl, Oliver Masucci, Evgeniy Sidikhin, Ulrike C. Tscharre, Hanno Koffler

Inspired by real events and spanning three eras of German history, the film tells the story of a young art student, Kurt, who falls in love with his classmate, Ellie. Ellie’s father and famous doctor, Professor Seeband, is dismayed at his daughter’s choice of boyfriend and vows to destroy the relationship. What neither Kurt nor Ellie knows is that their lives are already connected through a terrible crime Seeband committed decades ago.  (widescreen, German with English subtitles, R)

Obsession (2019. Collector’s Edition, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, Director: Brian De Palma)

Starring: Cliff Robertson, Genevieve Bujold, John Lithgow

In 1959, affluent businessman Michael Courtland and his wife are celebrating their tenth anniversary when his daughter and wife are kidnapped and held for ransom. The effort to rescue the girl and her mother ends tragically, and Courtland merely exists, his days consumed with guilt. Many years later, still grieving over his loss, he returns to Florence, the city where he first met his wife, where he meets a young woman who bears a remarkable resemblance to her. (Blu-ray, PG)

Old Man and the Sea (1990, 2019 reissue of Made For TV Movie/ Drama, Director: Jud Taylor)

Starring: Anthony Quinn, Francesco Quinn, Gary Cole, Patricia Clarkson, Joe Santos, Paul Calderon

Santiago, in his prime the greatest fisherman in his village, has now gone 84 days without a catch. To the villagers it is a fearful sign that Santiago has lost his luck. To his daughter it is clear that he should stop being stubborn.  (fullscreen, NR)

Paying the Price for Peace: the Story of S. Brian Willson (2019. Documentary/Biography, Director: Bo Boudart)

Starring: Peter Coyote

Vietnam veteran S. Brian Willson pays the price for peace by calling attention to the US government’s defiance of international law through endless illegal wars.  (widescreen, NR)

Rocketman (2019. Docudrama/Showbiz, Director: Dexter Fletcher)

Starring: Bryce Dallas Howard, Richard Madden, Taron Egerton, Stephen Graham, Jamie Bell, Jimmy Vee, Tate Donovan, Harriet Walter, Gemma Jones, Charlie Rowe, Steven Mackintosh, Tom Bennett

An epic musical fantasy about the uncensored human story of Sir Elton John’s breakthrough years. (widescreen, DVD and Blu-ray, NR) 

Russian Five (2019. Award-winning Documentary/ Hockey, Director: Joshua Riehl)     

Starring: Jeff Daniels, Wayne GretzkyRussian Five DVD

In the late 1980s, the Detroit Red Wings worked to finally break their decades-long Stanley Cup drought by extracting players from the Soviet Union, and in the process, changed the way North American hockey is played.  (widescreen)

Shadow (2019. Award Winning Chinese Action/Adventure, Director: Yimou Zhang)

Starring: Chao Deng, Li Sun, Ryan Zheng, Qianyuan Wang, Jingchun Wang, Jun Hu, Xiaotong Guan, Lei Wu

In Pei, a kingdom ruled by a young and unpredictable king, the military commander faces peril both inside and outside the palace walls. But he has a secret weapon: a look-alike who can fool both Pei’s enemies and the King himself.  (widescreen, Mandarin with English subtitles NR)

Shaft (2019. Action/Adventure/Comedy, Director: Tim Story)

Starring: Samuel L. Jackson, Alexandra Shipp, Avan Jogia, Regina Hall, Luna Lauren Velez, Richard Roundtree, Jessie Usher, Matt Lauria, Method Man

JJ, aka John Shaft Jr., may be a cyber security expert with a degree from MIT, but to uncover the truth behind his best friend’s untimely death, he needs an education only his dad can provide. Absent throughout JJ’s youth, the legendary locked-and-loaded John Shaft agrees to help his progeny navigate Harlem’s heroin-infested underbelly. And while JJ’s own FBI analyst’s badge may clash with his dad’s trademark leather duster, there’s no denying family.  (widescreen, DVD and Blu-ray, R)

Super Cats (2019. PBS Documentary/Pets & Animals, Nature Series, Directors: Nick Easton, Paul Williams, Gavin Boyland)

Stalking in the shadows, prowling almost every continent, cats are one of the world’s most diverse and successful predators. Filmed over 600 days in 14 countries and featuring 31 species of cat, the groundbreaking three-part miniseries uncovers the secret lives of wild cats and introduces behaviors captured on film for the first time, using the latest camera technology and scientific research.  (widescreen)

They Shall Not Grow Old (2019. Documentary/ History/World War I, Director: Peter Jackson)

Marking the centenary of the First World War, director Peter Jackson uses the voices of the veterans combined with original archival footage to bring to life the reality of war on the front line for a whole new generation. Footage has been colorized and transformed with modern production techniques to present never-before-seen detail. (widescreen, DVD and Blu-ray, R)

To Dust (2019. Drama, Director: Shawn Snyder)

Starring: Matthew Broderick, Geza Rohrig, Sammy Voit

Grieving the recent death of his wife, Shmuel decides that, in order to move on, he must understand the science behind the decomposition process of his wife’s body, despite the blasphemy inherent in any scientific inquiry. He seeks out Albert, a community college biology professor who Shmuel enlists to teach informal science lessons. As their macabre misadventures and unlikely friendship grow, they prove they will stop at nothing to satiate their curiosity and find Shmuel the peace he seeks.   (widescreen, R)

Toni Morrison: the Pieces I Am (2019. Award Winning Documentary/Authors & Poets/, Director: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders)

Starring: Toni Morrison, Oprah Winfrey

An artful and intimate meditation on the life and works of the acclaimed novelist. From her childhood in the steel town of Lorain, Ohio to ’70s-era book tours with Muhammad Ali, from the front lines with Angela Davis to her own riverfront writing room, Toni Morrison leads an assembly of her peers, critics, and colleagues on an exploration of race, America, history and the human condition as seen through the prism of her own literature. (widescreen, PG-13)

 True Detective Season 3 (2019. Television Series/Drama Crime/Legal)

Starring: Mahershala Ali, Carmen Ejogo, Stephen Dorff, Scoot McNairy, Jon Tenney, Josh Hopkins, Mamie Gummer, Sarah Gadon, Michael Greyeyes, Rhys Wakefield

The critically acclaimed anthology series returns for its third season, this time starring Oscar winner Mahershala Ali and Stephen Dorff.  (widescreen, TV-MA)

We Have Always Lived in the Castle (2019. Horror/Suspense, Director: Stacie Passon)

Starring: Alexandra Daddario, Taissa Farmiga, Crispin Glover

Two sisters live secluded in a large manor and care for their deranged uncle. The rest of their family died five years before, under suspicious circumstances. When a cousin arrives for a visit, family secrets and scandals unravel.  (widescreen)

What is Democracy? (2019. Documentary, Director: Astra Taylor)

Starring: Wendy Brown, Silvia Federici, George A. Papandreou

This idiosyncratic, philosophical journey spans millennia and continents, from ancient Athens’s groundbreaking experiment in self-government to capitalism’s roots in medieval Italy, from modern-day Greece grappling with financial collapse and a mounting refugee crisis to the United States reckoning with its racist past and the growing gap between rich and poor.  (widescreen)

Wild Rose (2019. Drama, Director: Tom Harper)

Starring: Jessie Buckley, Julie Walters, Sophie Okonedo, James Harkness, Matt Costello

Rose-Lynn Harlan is bursting with raw talent, charisma, and cheek. Fresh out of jail and with two young kids, all she wants is to get out of Glasgow and make it as a country singer in Nashville. Her mom Marion has had a bellyful of Rose-Lynn’s Nashville nonsense. Forced to take responsibility, Rose-Lynn gets a cleaning job, only to find an unlikely champion in the middle-class lady of the house.  (widescreen, DVD and Blu-ray, R)

Yesterday (2019. Comedy/Fantasy, Director: Danny Boyle)

Starring: Himesh Patel, Lily James, Ed Sheeran, Kate McKinnon, Sophia Di Martino, Ellise Chappell, Meera Syal, Harry Michell

Jack Malik is a struggling singer-songwriter in a tiny English seaside town whose dreams of fame are rapidly fading, despite the fierce devotion and support of his childhood best friend, Ellie. Then, after a freak bus accident during a mysterious global blackout, Jack wakes up to discover that The Beatles have never existed. And he finds himself with a very complicated problem.  (widescreen, PG-13)

Youth (2019, Chinese Romance, Director: Xiaogang Feng)

Starring: Xuan Huang, Miao Miao, Caiyu Yang

When Xiaoping joins the military, delicate dreams are dashed by the events of a China undergoing revolution. The devastating Sino-Vietnamese War crashes into 1970s China, changing the lives of the army’s young new recruits forever.  (widescreen, Chinese with English subtitles)