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Every couple of months, YDL hosts the Ypsi Family Read, a program that connects children and adults to a book that emphasizes the importance of community. After receiving requests from Erickson and Estabrook students, we have five titles in the running to become this fall’s Family Read book. 

Each book features a themed party and an in-depth discussion of the plot line. 

After you fill out the ballot, log the code BOOKBALLOT in the Summer Challenge Family Read Explore Challenge to earn a badge!

The Parker Inheritance

by Varian Johnson

The Book:

Two kids in South Carolina work together to solve a mystery from the past and try to earn a secret fortune. The challenge leads them deep into history, full of ugly deeds, forgotten heroes, and one great love; and deeper into their own families, with their own unspoken secrets. 

The Party:

Celebrate with a family scavenger hunt and “Break Out Of The Library” event.


by Ronald L. Smith

The Book:

Hoodoo Hatcher was born into a family with a rich tradition of practicing folk magic, but he can’t seem to cast a simple spell. The entire town is at risk from a Stranger’s black magic and only Hoodoo can defeat him. He’ll just need to learn how to conjure first.

The Party:

We’ll hold at a spooky event at the library with ghost stories and more.

The Stars Beneath Our Feet

by David Barclay Moore

The Book:

Lolly prides himself on following Lego kit instructions exactly, but when a family friend gives him two giant bags with no instructions, he must find his own way forward, including a safe path through the projects in Harlem after his brother’s death.

The Party:

Compete in a Lego building competition and celebrate at a family Lego party. 


by Sage Blackwood

The Book:

Follow Jinx, a wizard’s apprentice, as he sets off on a quest through the dangerous Urwald, a magical forest full of wizards and were-creatures, and discovers that it is more complex than he could imagine.

The Party:

Celebrate this fantasy novel with a magic-filled evening at the library, complete with magic lessons.

The First Rule of Punk

by Celia C. Pérez

The Book:

What’s the first rule of punk? Be yourself! Maria Luisa (Malu) loves punk rock music, skateboarding, and zines. After forming a band at her new school and making music that embraces her Latina heritage and love of punk she feels at home.

The Party:

Attend zine-making and sugar skull workshops and celebrate with a rock concert at the library.