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Calling all writers and book lovers!

YDL presents our first-ever Local Authors Showcase, featuring authors from the Ypsilanti-Ann Arbor area. The Showcase is one of several events we’re hosting during our Grand Opening Celebration of YpsiWrites.

We’re teaming up with 826 Michigan and EMU’s Office of Campus and Community Writing to support our local writing community with programs and activities.  Besides the Local Author Showcase, the Grand Opening Celebration features writing activities, the Writers of Ypsilanti, and light refreshments.

Writers, come talk to a published author and learn how they did it!  Book Lovers, come support local authors and find something new to read!  During the event, the authors will sell their books and read from their works.

You’ll find them in the Community Room at our YDL-Whittaker Road location from 12:30-2 pm.

Hopefully we’ll see you there!


Here’s the featured authors:

Wendy Baker became interested in the bond between horses and Native Americans and how it has changed over time. Her research led her to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to interview the people most involved with horses. From there she wrote Healing Power of Horses: Lessons from the Lakota Indians, which is available here:

S J Lomas has written two Young Adult Novels, Dream Girl and Dream Frequency.  She’s also written  a short poetry collection, The Blue Muse, and two short stories available digitally. She was also part of a collaborative book called What is a Courageous Woman.  Her works are available on Amazon, BN, Kobo, and iBooks. 

Amy Shrodes has written Lost and Found Cat,  a children’s book featuring the true story about one cat’s journey to be reunited with his refugee family from Iraq. A short version of the real-life story can be viewed at   Amy’s work can be found at

Patti Smith’s fourth book, Vanishing Ann Arbor, was published in June. It looks at the past 190+ years of Ann Arbor, detailing businesses, people, and events that once were and are no more but that should never been forgotten.  Her co-author is Britain Woodman.  Vanishing Ann Arbor is available from Arcade Publishing:

Debbie Taylor has written Sweet Music in Harlem,  a children’s book inspired by the famous photograph “Harlem 1958” which features dozens of jazz musicians. The photograph is often referred to as the “Great Day of Harlem” photo.  Her book is available at

Angela Verges has written Menopause Ain’t No Joke,  a non-traditional devotional that is a collection of personal essays. The essays reflect parenting, fitness, faith and the dreaded menopause, all sprinkled with humor. The book also has space for readers to journal at the end of each essay. Her message is to use humor to focus on health, specifically women’s health. She also sees her book as a way to encourage and inspire women while going through the uncomfortable stage of menopause.  Angela’s book is available at

Misty Zaugg has just published Combat Outbreak, the third volume in her Young Adult Dystopia series World of Combat. Her work is available at