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Oh, no. The unthinkable has happened! You’ve run out of library books and can’t go to the library to get more!

Never fear. It’s hoopla to the rescue!

YDL subscribes to several digital media resources. Did you know you can regularly check out 8 items a month via hoopla? And the great thing is, there’s never any waiting on hoopla. If you see it, it’s available.

And now through April 30, there’s Bonus Borrows! Checking out any item from the hoopla Bonus Borrows category won’t count against your 8 checkouts for the month. There are more than 1100 titles in the Bonus Borrows collection, including many top titles and hoopla favorites. Bonus Borrows are also separated by format, genre, and sub-genre for more specific browsing. Just look for the Bonus Borrows headings in the top categories or alphabetical genre listing.

There’s a variety of platforms, including ebooks and audiobooks (and music and video, for those of you that like to mix your media). But about those books, here’s some tips. You can run a search for a title, author, or keyword. But if you want to just browse, try the following:
1. Select your preferred media format (they may be listed at the bottom or the top of the app, depending on whether you’re using iOS [for instance, you may need to go to books at the bottom and then select ebooks at the top of the next screen] or Android, type of device, etc)
2. Select Genres from the corner (this may be called categories, if you’re using the web browser version)
3. For a complete listing, scroll past the popular/top genres down to an alphabetical listing of all genres
4. Select and Explore!

Maybe you’ve found yourself with a little extra free time, so now is good to break out of your comfort zone and try a new genre. Here’s an example: From Ebooks, select Cooking, and then History to get some suggestions for both food history and old-time cookbooks. Feel like a snack? How about Better Made in Michigan, by Karen Dybis. But caution: it may make you want chips. Or maybe you’d like a bit more of an overview of culinary history? Try the Cooking Gene: A Journey Through African American Culinary History in the Old South, by Michael W Twitty.

Possibilities abound, so feel free to roam. And as always, if you need any help, ask a librarian.

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