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Due Thursday, May 28th, 5pm! Ypsilanti Downtown Development Authority will be applying to the MEDC’s Match on Main program to provide grants of between $2,000 and $10,000 to administer to small businesses located within the Downtown, Depot Town, and West Cross Districts. Grants may be used by the business for working capital to support payroll expenses, rent, mortgage payments, utility expenses, COVID-19 relief or recovery expenses or other similar expenses that occur in the ordinary course of business. The YDDA has not yet received this funding from the MEDC Match on Main Program and all grants are contingent upon that award. Contact for more information.The YDDA Match on Main application can be found here:

Eligibility requirements:

  • The business was affected by the COVID-19 outbreak
  • The business is for-profit and headquartered in Michigan
  • The business has 25 employees or less
  • The business sells products or services face to face within a traditional downtown, neighborhood or commercial district, or area planned and zoned for concentrated development
  • The business has not received or been approved to receive MSF Small Business Relief Program funding or an MEDC Match on Main grant within the last 24 months.
  • Low-to-Moderate Income Owner *MEDC Preference, not required

Ineligible businesses: non-profits, franchises, businesses located in strip malls, “big box” retailers, marijuana related businesses and/or any other business deemed ineligible by the MEDC.