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Monday: A new challenge!

This week, we’re joined by Dr. X Blotch, Dr. Blotch’s fourth cousin twice removed, who really misses going outside. The seasons are changing, but they are stuck inside, where everything is always the same, and they are desperate to remember the excitement of…weather!

Dr. X. Blotch needs writers to create some wacky weather forecasts, to bring a bit of excitement to their life. The weather reports should describe what the scene is like outside using vivid sensory images. You can use these steps to create your wacky weather report:

  • Think about some possible weather scenarios – don’t be afraid to get goofy! Is it snowing ice cream? Raining ping pong balls? Is it so hot that everything is melting?
  • Explain what is happening now, and how/if that will change in the coming hours and/or days.
  • Then, explain how people should prepare for this wacky weather. Should they wear special gear? Are there times they should avoid going outside?
Friday Review

Dr. Blotch requests the following types of stories:

*   Send typed writing
*   Send a picture of your writing
*   Record a video of yourself telling a story or reading a written story

Where to submit your stories:

*   Comment on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.
*   Email<>


Dr. Blotch is challenging members of the 826michigan community to create stories that will bring Blotch–and all who listen and read–entertainment. Each week, Dr. Blotch will issue a new writing challenge at the beginning of the week, check in with us on Wednesdays with a writing tip, and release a video of themself reading and reviewing submitted stories on Friday.

A regular interrupter of 826michigan’s writing field trips, Dr. Blotch is 826michigan’s nefarious, slimy, and unique editor. Dr. Blotch often calls in and demands new and creative stories. 826michigan volunteers, staff, and field trip students regularly rise to the challenge to create brilliant writing that wows a skeptical Blotch.

Dr. H Blotch has decided to work on his movie production skills during this period of social distancing. He wants to create his next movie, a series of short films, which will obviously be a massive success and sell out theaters everywhere (once they’re open, of course).


*   On Mondays, you’ll receive an email with each week’s writing challenge video from Dr. Blotch
*   On Wednesdays you’ll receive an email with a video from Dr. Blotch checking in and offering a writing tip
*   On Fridays you’ll receive an email with a video where Dr. Blotch will review and read the writing that was submitted
*   You’ll also be able to find the challenges on our website and social media pages.

You can earn a Spring Challenge badge good toward prizes when the library reopens. Create a Spring Challenge account, scroll down to find Dr. Blotch, tell us what you wrote! Look for other writing activities in the YpsiWrites challenge.