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Monday: A new challenge!

We’re here with Week 7 of Dr. Blotch’s Writing Challenge. The Drs. Blotch have been busy presenting these weekly Writing Challenges, and have let me know that they would like to wrap up the challenge after week 10 (ending on June 12). Can you believe we’ve been doing this challenge for seven weeks?

This week, we’re joined by Dr. O Blotch, Dr. Blotch’s aunt, who’s feeling a bit gloomy after spending all of her time alone in her giant cabin in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Dr. Blotch is feeling particularly inspired by all of the local heroes during this time of social isolation, and has developed a fabulous idea–this week, writers should create stories about community superheroes.  A superhero is anyone who is making life better for other people–we’re seeing a lot of that today in places like hospitals and grocery stores. Writers can choose to write about a real-life superhero, or they could use their imaginations to create fictional superheroes from another time when we are not social distancing. Either way, the superhero should be using their superpowers and fighting off evil forces in their own city (whether that’s Detroit, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, or somewhere else!).

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Think about who you want your superhero character to be: are they inspired by a real-life person, or a totally made-up character, or somewhere in between? You can use the Superhero Planner to think about what your character is like. What kind of superpowers do they have? What do they really want? What problem(s) are they facing?
  • Decide where your story will take place in your city. Try to be as specific as possible. If your story takes place in a grocery store, tell readers what grocery store it is in your city. Include unique details that help your reader see, smell, touch, taste, and hear what’s going on in that place.
  • Create a story where the superhero solves a problem with their superpowers–these could be magical superpowers, or everyday superpowers!

Dr. Blotch is back with a mid-week writing tip! Dr. Blotch requests that all stories are submitted by 8pm on Thursdays (tonight!) so she has time to review them before Friday.



Dr. Blotch requests the following types of stories:

*   Send typed writing
*   Send a picture of your writing
*   Record a video of yourself telling a story or reading a written story

Where to submit your stories:

*   Comment on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.
*   Email<>


Dr. Blotch is challenging members of the 826michigan community to create stories that will bring Blotch–and all who listen and read–entertainment. Each week, Dr. Blotch will issue a new writing challenge at the beginning of the week, check in with us on Wednesdays with a writing tip, and release a video of themself reading and reviewing submitted stories on Friday.

A regular interrupter of 826michigan’s writing field trips, Dr. Blotch is 826michigan’s nefarious, slimy, and unique editor. Dr. Blotch often calls in and demands new and creative stories. 826michigan volunteers, staff, and field trip students regularly rise to the challenge to create brilliant writing that wows a skeptical Blotch.

Dr. H Blotch has decided to work on his movie production skills during this period of social distancing. He wants to create his next movie, a series of short films, which will obviously be a massive success and sell out theaters everywhere (once they’re open, of course).


*   On Mondays, you’ll receive an email with each week’s writing challenge video from Dr. Blotch
*   On Wednesdays you’ll receive an email with a video from Dr. Blotch checking in and offering a writing tip
*   On Fridays you’ll receive an email with a video where Dr. Blotch will review and read the writing that was submitted
*   You’ll also be able to find the challenges on our website and social media pages.