Hear picture books accompanied by live upright bass!
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Jazz Storytime 2: This Jazz Man

Here’s another Jazz Storytime! Kurt and Jodi perform the book This Jazz Man written by Karen Ehrhardt and illustrated by R.G. Roth. Grab your shaker or clap along to the tune of This Old Man. Shake on beats 2 and 4 because that’s what makes jazz swing!

Now listen to the jazz musicians, also called cats, featured in the book. There is a short video of each one below. Most of the musicians Karen Ehrhardt chose to include lived a long time ago, before it was common to record live performances, so there were few to choose from, but you can see the musicians playing in most. Also, she only chose men. Women play jazz, too!

Louis Armstrong

When the Saints Come Marching In

Art Blakey

Drum Solo

Bill "Bojangles" Robinson

Dancing and singing with Fats Waller 

Dizzy Gillespie

Salt Peanuts

Fats Waller

Jitterbug Waltz

Duke Ellington

It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got that Swing

Charles Mingus

Peggy’s Blue Starlight

Charlie Parker

Now’s the Time

Read more about jazz history and find videos for kids on the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History website.

Jazz Storytime 1: Jazz Baby

Hello, storytime families! I miss seeing you at the library. I wanted to share the story Jazz Baby from home because I know it’s a storytime favorite. I don’t have the book here, but I found the story online and my husband Kurt, a jazz bassist, accompanied me.

If you want to shake a shaker along, here are two you can make at home!

My favorite jazz album for kids is Nicky’s Jazz for Kids. You can listen on Spotify. Watch Jazz at Lincoln Center for Kids videos. Or read more about the history of jazz on Scholastic.

Tune in on Thursday mornings for Marlena’s storytime.