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For everyone’s health and safety, YDL is complying with social distancing guidelines. Monique will wear a mask and we will use plastic bags instead of the usual canvas ones.

How it works
For those living in a single residence

Contact Monique to make a request and set up an appointment. Monique will call when she arrives. Once you hear from her place any items for return on your doorstep and step back inside. After this, Monique will approach and switch out the bags. Once Monique is the appropriate 6 feet away you may take your newly delivered items.


For those living in an apartment or living facility – Monique will not enter the residence but will drop off/pick up in the lobby vestibule. Upon receiving Monique’s call that she has arrived on site please make arrangements for your items to be placed in the vestibule. This is only to be done after she arrives. PLEASE NEVER LEAVE ITEMS UNATTENDED. Once that is complete and you or the designated person steps away, Monique will switch out bags and you can take your newly delivered items.

For any questions or to make an appointment

Contact Monique:

734-482-4110 ext. 1362 or ext. 1359

We're pleased to continue offering remote services while our buildings are closed to the public to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. More info.