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Have you been following our Teens Get Creative series this summer?

Each week we post new activities you can do from home to express your creativity, plus we have Saturday Zoom drawing meet ups with Kamron Reynolds and the chance to learn to paint landscapes using watercolors with Lynne Settles on Zoom August 8, 2pm.

  • Fill out the form below to reserve your supply kits. Tell us how to get in touch with you (phone or email).
  • Wait for us to contact you to arrange a curbside pick up time at YDL-Whittaker or YDL-Michigan.
  • Pick up your supply kit at the scheduled time.
  • Get creative at home.
  • Show us what you made! We’re wondering what you’re doing at home. Show us by tagging your art on Instagram @ypsilibraryteens, or email to us at We’ll post on our teen interested page! 

Teens Get Creative Supply Kits

We have a limited number of supply kits for teens to complete our summer Get Creative programs. Sign up to reserve yours and make a curbside pickup plan.
    We have limited numbers of kits, please only pick the ones you'll use to make sure as many people as possible have the chance to get creative!
  • Please enter contact information below based on your answer.