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Our Whittaker gardens are in bloom! Stop by anytime to carefully pick what’s ripe and ready to be eaten. You’ll find a sign showing what you can pick and take home. Join us in the garden on Fridays at 11am to chat about what’s growing and do a nature STEAM activity.

We’re Ready to be Picked!





Rainbow Chard

Purple Basil

What’s Flowering in the Garden?

Onion Flowers

Melon Flower

Tomato Flowers


Many plants have flowers before or during their food production period. Fruits, like tomatoes and melons, grow their fruit from the area they grow their flowers. Onions are different. They’re a vegetable, and the part we eat grows underground, while the flowers grow on the top of a tall stalk.

What else is happening in the garden?

Do you know what these little bugs are? These are called aphids, and they are tiny insects that love to eat the veggies in our garden. Recently, our cabbage, kale, and collards had a horrible aphid infestation, and we lost all of our kale to these little bugs. We were able to save our cabbage and collards with some anti fungal spray, and now everything is pest free and ready to eat. Keep an eye out for aphids in your garden at home!

We’re about to have coriander! Did you know that coriander is just another name for cilantro seeds. After the plants finish growing, the seeds can be harvested and ground into a spice.

More activities you can do at the garden, or any time!

This Friday we’ll be making nature collages near the garden. Drop in at 11am to get creative! Find previous Garden Gathering activities below that you can do at home. Pick up handouts at the library.