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Room Reservations Have Returned with a New System

Our rooms are available to reserve again! To avoid overbooking our available space, we ask that you please make a reservation to use a room. Making a reservation is quick and easy to do, either online or at our new kiosks.

Screenshot of new room reservation website

Reserving a room on our website is easy. Once you’re on the room reservation page, you can pick the room and time you need, plus any additional resources. Currently, all rooms are available for reservation except for the Community Room and room 1C at YDL-Whittaker.


Once you click on your preferred time and room you will see additional information about the space. There will be an image and description of the room, a list of included resources, and the max capacity.

Screenshot explaining how to reserve a room online
Room Reservation Kiosks

Kiosks can be found on the 1st and 2nd floors of YDL-Whittaker (next to the self-service printing stations on each floor) and in the lobby at YDL-Michigan. Kiosk reservations will look similar to booking on our website.

Screenshot of kiosk reservation page
Example kiosk reservation