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a librarian reads a storybook to a group of children an parents
We Love to Sing and Dance at Discovery Time!

Discovery Time (our storytime for 2 to 4 year olds) is always full of singing, movement, and rhyme. Each season we take away a few songs we all know well and introduce a few new songs for little ones and caregivers to learn and enjoy. We have so many songs with wonderful original versions that we wanted to make a little “playlist” to share a few of our favorites.

You can find our storytime schedule and information by visiting

“Super Shaker Song” by Culture Queen

This wonderful song will get you up and moving. It also helps our little ones learn the names of body parts and practice their gross motor skills. Culture Queen has a lot of amazing music for children on her YouTube channel, which you can find here: 

“Hello Song” by Gemini

This welcoming song gives us the chance to learn how to say hello in a number of different languages. You can learn more about this local folk duo by visiting their webpage at Find even more of their music online at

“You’ll Sing A Song And I’ll Sing A Song” by Ella Jenkins

Ella Jenkins has so many wonderful songs for children. This one is among our favorites for storytime. It can also be adapted to include more actions. For example, at our storytime we add “you’ll march in place, and I’ll march in place, and we’ll march in place together” and “you’ll take a seat, and I’ll take a seat, and we’ll take a seat together.” Try adapting the song with your own words or actions and singing the new lyrics with your little one.

To learn more about Ella Jenkins and find more of her music visit

“Stop and Go” by Ella Jenkins

This song is so simple, but so fun! As the name suggests, it is a great way to teach and practice the concepts of “stop” and “go.” You can also check out this live performance: (the video quality is not the best).