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Be a part of our next steps forward! Taking 10 minutes to fill out our community survey will help us plan our next 3 years of initiatives. Your feedback will ensure our 3-year strategic plan is valuable for our patrons and our public. It’s an honor to serve our vibrant community. Help us make sure we move forward in the right direction.

What will this survey accomplish?

The feedback we receive from our patrons helps us tailor library programs and funding to your needs. Community involvement in our previous strategic plan allowed us to:

  • give the Bookmobile a facelift
  • break ground on the new Superior branch
  • develop Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion recommendations for YDL
  • revamp the Summer Challenge
  • and more!

Community Input Sessions

If you would like to share your feedback in person (in addition to completing our survey), we’ll be hosting Community Input Sessions. Join us in the YDL-Michigan Program Room on Thursday, August 11 at either 5pm or 7pm. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

**After you complete the survey, help us spread the word by sharing it with others!