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African American History: From Emancipation Through Jim Crow (2022.  Non-Fiction: Documentary) DVD


After Yang (2022.   Fiction: Drama) Blu-Ray


All About the Benjamins (2002.  Fiction: Action) DVD


America – The Story of Us, Vol 1 Rebels (2010.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


America – The Story of Us, Vol 2 Westward (2010.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston (2022.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


American Psycho (2000.  Fiction: Horror) Blu-ray


Archaeology: An Introduction to the World’s Greatest Sites (2016.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Atlantic Crossing (2021.  Fiction: Television Series) DVD


Bamboozled (2000.  Fiction: Comedy) Blu-ray


Baptiste Season 1 (2020.  Fiction: Television Series) DVD


Barbershop (2002.  Fiction: Comedy) Blu-ray


Barbershop 2: Back in Business (2004.  Fiction: Comedy) Blu-ray


Bebe’s Kids (1992.  Fiction: Comedy) DVD


Beecham House (2020.  Fiction: Television Series) DVD


Benjamin Franklin (2022.   Non-fiction: Documentary) Blu-ray


Blade (1998.  Fiction: Action) Blu-ray


Blade Runner (1982.  Fiction: Sci-fi) Blu-ray


Blow-up (1966.  Fiction: Foreign) Blu-ray


Blue Velvet (1986.  Fiction: Crime) Blu-ray


Breaking (2022.  Fiction: Drama) DVD


Bulletproof (2020.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Cabin in the Woods (2012.  Fiction: Horror) Blu-ray


Catch the Fair One (2021.  Fiction: Drama) DVD


Charm City Kings (2020.  Fiction: Drama) DVD


Chuck Berry: The Original King of Rock ‘N’ Roll (2018.  Non-fiction: Biography) DVD


Cinematographer (2022.  Non-fiction: Documentary) Blu-ray


Clockers (1995.  Fiction: Drama) Blu-ray


Color of Money (1986.  Fiction: Drama) Blu-ray


Color Purple (1985.  Fiction: Drama) Blu-ray


Columbus (2017.  Fiction: Drama) Blu-ray


Cops and Robbers Story (2022.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Crimes of the Future (2022.  Fiction: Sci-fi) Blu-ray


Crooklyn (1994.  Fiction: Comedy) Blu-ray


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000.  Fiction: Action) Blu-ray


Cry-Baby (1990.  Fiction: Musical) Blu-ray


Devil in a Blue Dress (1995.  Fiction: Mystery) Blu-ray


Disease Reversal Hope! (2022.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Double Indemnity (1944.  Fiction: Noir) Blu-ray


Duke (2021.  Fiction: Comedy) Blu-ray


Earth Emergency (2021.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Einstein’s Legacy: Modern Physics All Around You (2022.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Elizabeth is Missing (2020.  Fiction: Mystery) DVD


Emily the Criminal (2022.  Fiction: Thriller) DVD


Eraserhead (1977.  Fiction: Horror) Blu-ray


Erin O’Brien’s Prenatal Fitness Fix (2006.  Non-fiction: Fitness) DVD


Escape the Field (2022.   Fiction: Thriller) DVD


Exploring Our Nation: People and Events that Shaped the US Constitution (2016.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Exploring Our Nation: Rights of the Accused in America (2016.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Extinction – An End and a New Beginning (2013.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Fall (2022.  Fiction: Thriller) DVD


Feast (2021.  Fiction: Foreign) DVD


First Sunday (2008.  Fiction: Comedy) DVD


Forrest Gump (1994.  Fiction: Comedy) Blu-ray


Gene: An Intimate History (2020.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Gentle Yoga for Beginners with Sarah Starr (2021.  Non-fiction: Fitness) DVD


Glory (1989.  Fiction: War) Blu-ray


Go Mom Fitness – Recharge It! (2010.  Non-fiction: Fitness) DVD


Golf Tips and Techniques (2011.  Non-fiction: Sports) DVD


Great Tours: A Guided Tour of Ancient Egypt (2021.  Non-fiction: Travel) DVD


Green Planet (2010.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Hairspray (1988.   Fiction: Musical) Blu-ray


History of the World in Two Hours (2011.  Non-fiction: Documentary) Blu-ray


Hit the Road (2022.  Fiction: Foreign) DVD


Home Fires (2015.  Fiction: Television Series) DVD


How the Earth Changed History (2010.  Non-fiction: Documentary) Blu-ray


Hustle & Flow (2005.  Fiction: Drama) Blu-ray


In Search of Kundun with Martin Scorsese (1998.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


In the Heat of the Night (1967.  Fiction: Drama) Blu-ray


Independence Fitness: Stretching Workout for Seniors (2013.  Fiction: Fitness) DVD


Infinite Storm (2022.  Fiction: Drama) Blu-ray


Invitation (2022.  Fiction: Horror) DVD


Islanders (2022.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Jackie Robinson (2016.  Non-fiction: Sports) Blu-ray


Jaws (1975.  Fiction: Thriller) DVD


Jigsaw (1963.  Fiction: Noir) Blu-ray


Just the Facts: Communist Revolution in China (2015.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Just the Facts: Trail of Tears (2015.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Just the Facts: Tuskegee Airmen (2015.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Ken Burns: Muhammad Ali (2021.  Non-fiction: Documentary) Blu-ray


Killing (1956.  Fiction: Noir) Blu-ray


Kind of Murder (2016.  Fiction: Drama) DVD


King Car (2019.  Fiction: Foreign) Blu-ray


Kingdom of Silence (2020.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Last Passenger (2013.  Fiction: Mystery) Blu-ray


Last Temptation of Christ (1988.  Fiction: Drama) Blu-ray


Les Miserables (2018.  Fiction: Television Series) DVD


Let the Right One In (2008.  Fiction: Foreign) Blu-ray


Lost Worlds of South America (2012.   Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Love Destination Courses – Guided Yoga (2019.   Non-fiction: Fitness) DVD


Mad Max: Fury Road (2015.  Fiction: Action) Blu-ray


Mankind (2012.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Middle Ages Around the World (2022.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Mind-Body Philosophy (2017.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Mississippi Masala (1991.   Fiction: Drama) Blu-ray


Mulholland Dr (2001.   Fiction: Drama) Blu-ray


Nature – Silence of the Bees (2008.   Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Next Friday (2000.  Fiction: Comedy) Blu-ray


Nightmare Alley (1947.   Fiction:Drama) Blu-ray


Notorious (1946.   Fiction: Noir) Blu-ray


Obama Years: The Power of Words (2018.   Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Off the Grid (2022.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Okja (2017.  Fiction: Foreign) Blu-ray


Platinum Fitness for Seniors (2014.  Non-fiction: Fitness) DVD


Plus Size Workouts – Cardio Kickboxing Workout (2014.   Non-fiction: Fitness) DVD


Pulp Fiction (1994.  Fiction: Crime) Blu-ray


Rain Man (1988.  Fiction: Drama) Blu-ray


Remains of the Day (1993.  Fiction: Drama) Blu-ray


Remarkable Science of Ancient Astronomy (2017.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Rental (2020.  Fiction: Horror) Blu-ray


Ridley Road (2022.   Fiction: Television Series) DVD


Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011.   Fiction: Action) Blu-ray


Roadkill (2020.   Fiction: Television Series) DVD


Roman Empire: From Augustus to the Fall of Rome (2019.   Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Sacagawea (2017.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Sanditon (2020.  Fiction: Television Series) DVD


Sanditon Season 2 (2022.   Fiction: Television Series) DVD


Secrets of the Dead: America’s Untold Story (2018.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Set it Off (1996.  Fiction: Action) Blu-ray


Shaft (1971.  Fiction: Action) Blu-ray


Sit and Be Fit: Easy Fitness for Seniors (2011.   Non-fiction: Fitness) DVD


Somewhere (2010.   Fiction: Drama) Blu-ray


Space Men (2016.   Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Star Trek I: The Motion Picture (1979.  Fiction: Sci-fi) Blu-ray


Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982.  Fiction: Sci-fi) Blu-ray


Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984.   Fiction: Sci-fi) Blu-ray


Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986.   Fiction: Sci-fi) Blu-ray


Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989.  Fiction: Sci-fi) Blu-ray


Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991.  Fiction: Sci-fi) Blu-ray


Stott Pilates: Morning Mobilizer for Strength and Agility (2013.  Non-fiction: Fitness) DVD


Summer of Sam (1999.  Fiction: Drama) Blu-ray


Sun Tai Chi (2021. Non-fiction: Fitness) DVD


Sunset Boulevard (1950.   Fiction: Noir) Blu-ray


Ted K (2022.  Fiction: Thriller) DVD


The Meditation Guide: Oceanside Dreams (2022.   Non-fiction: Health) DVD


The Meditation Guide: Sleep Therapy Practice (2022.  Non-fiction: Health) DVD


There will be Blood (2007.  Fiction: Drama) Blu-ray


Thousand Faces of Dunjia (2017.  Fiction: Foreign) DVD


Three Thousand Years of Longing (2022.  Fiction: Drama) Blu-ray


Titanic (1997.    Fiction: Drama) Blu-ray


Tomorrow Never Dies (1997.  Fiction: Action) Blu-ray


True Legend (2010.   Fiction: Foreign) Blu-ray


Twin Peaks Complete Television Collection (Fiction: Television Series) Blu-ray


Ultimate Space Telescope (2022.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Understanding the Inventions that Changed the World (2013.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Us (2021. Fiction: Television Series) DVD


U.S. and the Holocaust (2022.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Van Der Valk (2020.   Fiction: Television Series) DVD


Vengeance (2022.  Fiction: Comedy) DVD


Virgin Suicides (1999.  Fiction: Drama) Blu-ray


We Are Your Friends (2015.  Fiction: Drama) DVD


West (1996.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Where There Once Was Water (2021.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Wild at Heart (1990.   Fiction: Drama) Blu-ray


World Heritage Sites: Exploring the Worlds Greatest Places (2021.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


World on Fire Season 1 (2020.  Fiction: Television Series) DVD


WWE Summerslam 2022 (2022.  Non-fiction: Sports) DVD


Yellowface: Asian Whitewashing and Racism in Hollywood (2019.  Non-fiction: Documentary) DVD


Yoga for Pregnancy: Deep Breathing Yin Yoga (2022.  Non-fiction: Fitness) DVD