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Dear Dr. Berger...

#FATWTS - Activity 8


“For All the World to See” was originally curated by Dr. Maurice Berger, Chief Curator and research professor at University of Maryland’s Center for Art, Design, and Visual Culture. Dr. Berger passed away on March 22, 2020 in New York from complications of COVID-19. According to colleagues at UMBC, “… a path-breaking art historian and curator, Maurice was a fierce advocate for social justice and an exceptionally caring human being. Through his exhibitions and writings, he compelled us to look honestly at issues of race, inequity, and their representation in visual culture.”

ACTIVITY: Write a Letter to Dr. Berger

View Dr. Berger’s video memorial here:

Then, write a letter to Dr. Berger about your experience of his exhibit. How did it affect you? Did it change the way you think? What do you think Dr. Berger would like to know?

You can use the template for a hand-written letter that you can upload, or type in your free-form response below.

Upload Your Letter to Dr. Berger