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#FATWTS - Activity 7


PhotoVoice is a movement that works to build a world in which everybody has the opportunity to represent themselves and tell their own story. the FATWTS exhibit explored the theme, “In our Lives We are Whole: The Pictures of Everyday Life.”

ACTIVITY: Your PHOTO Challenge

Contribute a photo using the PhotoVoice elements: Is your photo a private face or a public agenda? Who decides what the world should see? Write an accompanying paragraph with these PHOTO prompts:

  • P: Describe your Picture
  • H: What is Happening in your picture?
  • O: Why did you take a photo Of this?
  • T: What does the photo Tell us about your life?
  • O: How dos this photo provide us an Opportunity to learn about you?

Use the form below to upload your paragraph and photo!

Upload Your PhotoVoice Photo