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Protest Signs

#FATWTS - Activity 2


In 1968, after two men were crushed in a garbage truck, more than 1,300 Memphis sanitation workers went on strike to protest their abysmal wages and unsafe working conditions. The strike won the support of Martin Luther King, Jr. and led to his assassination two months later. James Douglas, a sanitation worker, recalled, “The signs we were carrying said, ‘I Am a Man,’ and we were going to demand to have the same dignity and the same courtesy any other citizen of Memphis has.” Over 200 sanitation workers marched with their “I Am a Man” signs, but police chased the protestors, threw tear gas, and beat demonstrators with billy clubs.

ACTIVITY: Make a protest sign

Making a sign and attending a protest is an act of saying that you matter and your voice should be heard. Consider the history above and the recent Black Lives Matter protests. What do you feel the world needs to hear? How does it challenge the status quo?

Make and take a picture of your protest sign and upload it to the FATWTS Ypsi scrapbook using the form below. You can use our template if you want, or create your own!

Upload Your Protest Sign

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