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Power of Your Words

#FATWTS - Activity 5


“It is no accident…that if our story is to be told, we will have to write it and photograph it and disseminate it ourselves.” –SNCC communications secretary Mary King, 1964.

Check your exhibit packet for a selection of writing prompts custom-made by your local YpsiWrites team.

About YpsiWrites:

“At YpsiWrites, we believe everyone is a writer. Our mission is to empower and encourage the voices of our community by providing free writing support to teen and adult residents of Ypsilanti.”

ACTIVITY: The Power of Your Words

In these prompts for children, teens, and adults, we invite you to think about stories in general and the story of your life in particular: Why are some stories more visible than others? What is your story that the world needs to see. Upload your story and share it with the world!

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