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Always Remember

Meng, Cece

When Old Turtle dies and is taken back by the sea, his friends remember that he was a wonderful teacher and friend who made his world a better place.

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Annie and the Old One

Miles, Miska

A Navajo girl unravels a day's weaving on a rug whose completion, she believes, will mean the death of her grandmother

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Ben’s Flying Flowers

Maier, Inger M.

Emily introduces her younger brother, Ben, to butterflies, which he calls "flying flowers," and when his illness makes him too weak to go see them she draws him pictures, but after his death she no longer wants to draw happy things. Includes note to parents.

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Boats for Papa

Bagley, Jessixa

Buckley and his mother cope with the loss of their father/husband by sending small wooden boats, built by Buckley, off into the ocean.

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Children Also Grieve: Talking about Death & Healing

Goldman, Linda, 1946-

Henry the dog explains how he felt after his grandfather died and how the children who make up his family felt and worked through their feelings of grief.

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Cry, Heart, But Never Break

Ringtved, Glenn, 1968- author.

When Death comes to take their grandmother away, he shares a story with four siblings that helps them realize the value of loss and the importance of being able to say goodbye.

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Grandad’s Island

Davies, Benji author, illustrator.

After entering through a secret door with his grandfather, Syd is astonished to find himself on the deck of a ship bound for an island in the distance, but his amazement turns to sadness when his Grandad tells him he has decided to stay on the island and Syd must journey back home without him.

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Ida, Always

Levis, Caron

A polar bear grieves over the loss of his companion, based on the real-life Gus and Ida of New York's Central Park Zoo.

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Missing Mommy: a Book about Bereavement

Cobb, Rebecca

Daddy comforts and reassures a very young boy after Mommy dies.

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Rafa Was My Robot

Dellevoet, Alexandra

Jacob and his robot Rafa do everything together, but one day, Rafa begins to slow down, becoming weaker with each day, and Jacob, unable to find a cure for his friend, must come to terms with possibly losing him.

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Something Very Sad Happened: a Toddler’s Guide to Understanding Death

Zucker, Bonnie, 1974- author.

Sensitively written and gently illustrated, this book explains death in developmentally appropriate terms for two-and three-year-old children.

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The boy and the gorilla

Azúa Kramer, Jackie

This profoundly moving tale about a grieving boy and an imaginary gorilla makes real the power of talking about loss. On the day of his mother's funeral, a young boy conjures the very visitor he needs to see - a gorilla. Wise and gentle, the gorilla stays on to answer the heart-heavy questions the boy hesitates to ask his father The gorilla knows that it helps to simply talk about the loss - especially with those who share your grief and who may feel alone too.

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The Heart and the Bottle

Jeffers, Oliver

After safeguarding her heart in a bottle hung around her neck, a girl finds the bottle growing heavier and her interest in things around her becoming smaller.

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The light in me sees the light in you

Nichols, Lori

A little girl and a small bird become close friends, and the strength of their bond endures even after they're separated.

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The memory box : a book about grief

Rowland, Joanna

Grieving over the death of a special person, a young child creates a memory box to keep mementos and written memories of the loved one. Includes a guide for parents with information from a Christian perspective on helping manage the complex and difficult emotions children feel when they lose someone they love, as well as suggestions on how to create their own memory box.

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The Roller Coaster Kid

Rodman, Mary Ann

Even though Zach finds roller coasters scary, he rides one with Grandpa in an attempt to make him happy again after Grandma's death.

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The Wishing Tree

Thong, Roseanne

Ming's wishes at the tree on Lunar New Year with his grandmother always seemed to come true, but one year the tree does not help, and he alone must make peace with the loss of his grandmother and the spirit of the tree.

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What Happens When a Loved One Dies?: Our First Talk About Death

Roberts, Jillian, 1971- author.

Using questions posed in a child's voice and answers that start simply and become more in-depth, this book allows adults to guide the conversation about grief to a natural and reassuring conclusion.

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Where Do They Go?

Alvarez, Julia

Children wonder what happens to their loved ones after death.

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