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A Stone for Sascha

Becker, Aaron

A young girl, still reeling from her dog's death, finds solace while picking up stones on the beach during her family's vacation, in this beautiful wordless picture book.

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Cat Heaven

Rylant, Cynthia

God created Cat Heaven, with fields of sweet grass where cats can play, kitty-toys for them to enjoy, and angels to rub their noses and ears. May be best for ages 3-6.

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Dog Heaven

Rylant, Cynthia

God created Dog Heaven, a place where dogs can eat ice cream biscuits, sleep on fluffy clouds, and run through unending fields. May be best for ages 3-6.

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I Remember

Moore-Mallinos, Jennifer

Helps children deal with grief by showing how a young boy explores his feelings about loss and sadness after the death of his pet. May be best for ages 4-7.

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Six is so much less than Seven

Himler, Ronald

After the death of one of his seven cats, an old man finds how much he misses his cat as he goes about the activities of each day. May be best for ages 5-8.

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The Blue House Dog

Blumenthal, Deborah

A boy whose beloved dog has died, and a dog whose owner also died, find each other and slowly begin to trust one another.

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The forever dog

Cochran, Bill

Mike and his dog Corky plan to be best friends forever, so when Corky becomes sick and dies, Mike is angry about the broken promise.

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The goodbye book

Parr, Todd

Illustrations and brief text relate how a person might feel when they lose someone they love. Speaks to young children. May be best for ages 3-7.

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The invisible leash / A Story Celebrating Love After the Loss of a Pet

Karst, Patrice

Emily tries to comfort her best friend, Zack, whose dog Jojo recently died, by telling him about the "Invisible Leash" that connects each owner to his or her deceased pet. May be best for ages 4-8.

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The Rough Patch

Lies, Brian author, illustrator.

Farmer Evan and his dog do everything together and, especially, in the garden but when his dog passes away Evan lets his garden fill with weeds until a pumpkin vine brings new hope. May be best for ages 4-8.

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The tenth good thing about Barney

Viorst, Judith

In an attempt to overcome his grief, a boy tries to think of the ten best things about his dead cat. Book may be best for ages 6-9.

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