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Read a book about food justice, then find activities and learn more on our webpage all about food justice and food justice activists.

Before we eat : from farm to table

As a family sits down to enjoy a meal, thoughts of those who provide the food, from farmers who plant and tend seeds to store clerks who sell groceries, fill each one with gratitude.

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Fry bread : a Native American family story

This book tells the story of a post-colonial food that is a shared tradition for Native American families all across the North American continent. Includes a recipe and an extensive author note that delves into the social ways, foodways, and politics of America's 573 recognized tribes.

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Green green : a community gardening story

In the city an abandoned lot squeezed between two buildings becomes a community garden.

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Harlem Grown : how one big idea transformed a neighborhood

Once there was a lot full of trash. Now there is a lush, green farm. This is the story of Harlem Grown, a garden in New York City!

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Let’s eat! = A comer!

Bilingual text describes a family as they sit down to a table filled with good food.

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Lola plants a garden

Lola plants a flower garden with her parent's help, and watches it grow.

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My Detroit Garden

A little girl moves to the city of Detroit and misses her garden. Will planting a few seedlings in a nearby vacant lot help her feel at home in the city? This sweet story takes a look at the joys of urban gardening and includes a Detroit fact page and family gardening activity.

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Right this very minute : a table-to-farm book about food and farming

A delicious celebration of food and farming sure to inspire readers of all ages to learn more about where their food comes from - right this very minute! Here are the stories of what farmers really do to bring food to the table.

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We are the Gardeners

We Are the Gardeners, Joanna Gaines and the kids chronicle the adventures of starting their own family garden.

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What’s in the garden?

Guess what vegetable or fruit this is growing in the garden! Learn more about it, plus how to eat it in a simple recipe.

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