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This season’s Family Read, Lucky Broken Girl by local author Ruth Behar, is recommended for independent reading by students in grades 4-8. We want everyone to participate, so here are some suggested books for younger readers.

A Hat for Mrs. Goldman: A story about knitting and love

Edwards, Michelle author.

A celebration of winter mitzvahs, or kind deeds. Kara's adorable, radiant art adds to the heartwarming mood.

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All the Way to Havana

Engle, Margarita author.

A family drives to Havana and experiences the sights and sounds of neighbors talking, musicians playing, and beautiful, colorful cars.

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Besos for Baby: A Little Book of Kisses

Arena, Jen author.

Simple text in English and Spanish show how love is the same in any language.

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Carmela Full of Wishes

de la Peña, Matt author.

Carmela, finally old enough to run errands with her brother, tries to think of the perfect wish, while his wish seems to be that she stayed home.

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Counting with Frida/ Contado con Frida

Rodríguez, Patty, author.

Introduce your little one to Frida Kahlo while teaching them their numbers 1 to 10, in English and Spanish.

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Morales, Yuyi author.

Dreamers is a celebration of what migrants bring with them when they leave their homes and it's a story about family, both beautiful and powerful.

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Drum Dream Girl: How one girl’s courage changed music

Engle, Margarita

Follows a girl in the 1920s as she strives to become a drummer, despite being continually reminded that only boys play the drums, and that there has never been a female drummer in Cuba. Includes note about Millo Castro Zaldarriaga, who inspired the story, and Anacaona, the all-girl dance band she formed with her sisters.

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In My Heart: A Book of Feelings

Witek, Jo, 1968-

A young girl explores what different emotions feel like, such as happiness which makes her want to twirl, or sadness which feels as heavy as an elephant.

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Maybe Something Beautiful: how art transformed a neighborhood

Campoy, F. Isabel author.

Based on the story of the Urban Art Trail in San Diego, California, this story shows how even the smallest artists can accomplish something big.

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My Colors, My World/ Mis Colores, Mi Mundo

Gonzalez, Maya Christina

Maya, who lives in the dusty desert, opens her eyes wide to find the colors in her world, from Papi's black hair and Mami's orange and purple flowers to Maya's red swing set and the fiery pink sunset. On board pages.

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My Little Cities: New York

Adams, Jennifer, 1970- author.

Take a whirlwind tour of the Big Apple with your little one.

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My Name is Celia: The life of Celia Cruz

Brown, Monica, 1969-

Brightly colored illustrations and text follow the life of salsa singer Celia Cruz from her home in Havana, Cuba, to New York and Miami where she brings joy to herself and others through her music. Presented in English and Spanish.

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Stella Diaz has Something to Say

Dominguez, Angela

Stella Diaz wants to be friends with the new boy in class, but sometimes she accidentally speaks Spanish instead of English and pronounces words wrong, which makes her turn roja. In addition, she has to get over her fear of speaking in front of the class.

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Sylvia and Aki

Conkling, Winifred

At the start of World War II, Japanese-American third-grader Aki and her family are sent to an internment camp in Poston, Arizona, while Mexican-American third-grader Sylvia's family leases their Orange County, California, farm and begins a fight to stop school segregation.

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The Little Red Hen and the Passover Matzah

Kimmelman, Leslie

No one will help the Little Red Hen make the Passover matzah, but they all want to help her eat it. Includes information about Passover, a recipe for matzah, and a glossary of Yiddish words used in the story.

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The Most Magnificent Thing

Spires, Ashley, 1978-

A little girl and her canine assistant set out to make the most magnificent thing, but despite their hard work, the end result is not what the girl had envisioned and she must develop a new strategy for success.

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