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A handful of quiet : happiness in four pebbles

Nhât Hanh, Thích

Flower, mountain, water, space -- Drawing meditation -- Pebble meditation -- Pebble meditation practice sheet -- Pebble meditation cards -- Making a pebble meditation bag -- Breathing in, breathing out -- Resources for family practice.

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A world of pausabilities : an exercise in mindfulness

Sileo, Frank J.

Children (and adults) live in a fast-paced, demanding and stressful world. It is often difficult to slow-down our children's minds and bodies. This book was written to teach children to take a pause in their lives, to stop activity, to understand quiet time, and to think about what they are doing and where they are going.

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Breathe and Be: A book of mindfulness poems

Coombs, Kate author.

A collection of poems paired with imagery of the natural world reminds readers about the importance of staying calm, soothing emotions, and appreciating the world around them.

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Here and Now by Julia Denos
Here and Now

Denos, Julia

Stunning illustrations and easy-to-read text celebrate mindfulness and the connectedness of everything on Earth.

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I am Peace

Verde, Susan author.

A child starts to get carried away with worry and rushing thoughts before taking a breath, steadying, observing thoughts, feeling kindness, feeling thankful, and experiencing the world.

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Kaya’s heart song

Sanders, Diwa Tharan

When Kaya hears her mother singing her happy heart song, she travels through the jungle to search for her own heart song.

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Look and be grateful

DePaola, Tomie

A boy awakes with the dawn and expresses gratitude for this unique day

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Meditation is an Open Sky

Stewart, Whitney, 1959-

Describes nine simple meditation exercises to help children find focus, manage stress, and face challenges.

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Mindful Me: Mindfulness and meditation for kids

Stewart, Whitney, 1959- author.

This guide introduces kids and preteens to mindfulness through exercises, meditations, and writing prompts

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Oliver, Alison

Like many children, Moon leads a busy life. School, homework, music lessons, sports, and the next day it begins again. She wonders if things could be different. Then, one night, she meets a wolf. The wolf takes Moon deep into the dark, fantastical forest and there she learns to howl, how to hide, how to be still, and how to be wild. And in that, she learns what it’s like to be free.

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The lemonade hurricane : a story about mindfulness and meditation

Morelli, Licia

Emma's little brother Henry is a good kid--but when his day has been too busy and too full, Henry can become a hurricane! Emma wishes that she could teach Henry to be still. One day, she shows Henry how meditation can make a big difference in both their lives

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The sound of silence

Goldsaito, Katrina

Yoshio delights in the everyday sounds of Tokyo, but when a musician tells him that her favorite sound is ma, the Japanese word for silence, Yoshio sets out to hear this sound for himself among the hustle and bustle of the city. Includes information on the Japanese concept of ma.

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Your mind is like the sky

Ballard, Bronwen

Explains that worries and negative thoughts are normal and suggests ways for children to deal with them by practicing mindfulness techniques and remembering to look at the bigger picture.

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