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Rashad’s Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr

Bullard, Lisa

Where's the moon? -- Thinking about Allah -- Thinking about other people -- A big celebration -- Make a moon can -- Glossary -- To learn more.

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Deep in the Sahara

Cunnane, Kelly

In Mauritania, West Africa, an Arab girl who wants to wear a malafa, the veiled dress worn by her mother and older sister, learns that the garment represents beauty, mystery, tradition, belonging, and faith.

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Yasmin in Charge

Faruqi, Saadia, author.

In this collection of four stories, Yasmin takes charge of some sticky situations! At home, at school, or out and about, Yasmin faces challenges head on with creativity and quick thinking. Whether she's creating a new recipe, finding a way to rescue a stuck toy for a little friend, or calming down monkeys (and classmates!), a clever solution to any problem is just around the corner!

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Yo Soy Muslim

Gonzales, Mark, 1975- author.

A lyrical celebration of multiculturalism as a parent shares with a child the value of their heritage and why it should be a source of pride, even when others disagree.

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My First Ramadan

Katz, Karen

A boy observes the Muslim holy month of Ramadan with his family.

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Golden domes and silver lanterns : a Muslim book of colors

Khan, Hena

In simple rhyming text a young Muslim girl and her family guide the reader through the traditions and colors of Islam.

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The Night of the Moon : a Muslim holiday story

Khan, Hena

Yasmeen has a wonderful time celebrating the Muslim holy month of Ramadan with her family and friends.

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Young Muslim girl wearing a pink headscarf
Under My Hijab

Khan, Hena author.

As a young girl observes that each of six women in her life wears her hijab and hair in a different way, she considers how to express her own style one day.

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King for a Day

Khan, Rukhsana, 1962-

Even though he is confined to a wheelchair, a Pakistani boy tries to capture the most kites during Basant, the annual spring kite festival, and become "king" for the day. Includes an afterword about the Basant festival.

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The Gift of Ramadan

Lumbard, Alexis York, 1981- author.

Sophie tries to fast for Ramadan for the first time, but her grumbling stomach and her little brother's cookies are too much and she must find a different way to celebrate.

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Amira’s Totally Chocolate World

Mair, J. Samia.

Every night Amira asks Allah to make everything chocolate, and on Eid ul-Fitr she discovers her wish has come true, but at a price.

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My Name is Bilal

Mobin-Uddin, Asma

When Bilal and his sister transfer to a school where they are the only Muslims, they must learn how to fit in while staying true to their beliefs and heritage.

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Ramadan Moon

Robert, Na'íma bint

Celebrates Ramadan and Eid, marking the fasting, good deeds, prayer, and gatherings of the month-long holiday with the changing phases of the moon.

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Mommy’s Khimar

Thompkins-Bigelow, Jamilah, author.

A young Muslim girl puts on a head scarf and not only feels closer to her mother, she also imagines herself as a queen, the sun, a superhero, and more.

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Under the Ramadan Moon

Whitman, Sylvia, 1961-

Simple text and illustrations describe how an American Muslim family observes the holy month of Ramadan.

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Four Feet, Two Sandals

Williams, Karen Lynn

Two young Afghani girls living in a refugee camp in Pakistan share a precious pair of sandals brought by relief workers. Includes author's note about refugees.

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