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A face for Picasso : coming of age with Crouzon syndrome

Henley, Ariel

A YA nonfiction story about Ariel and her twin sister's experience living with Crouzon Syndrome.

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Disability Visibility: 17 First-Person Stories for Today.
Disability Visibility: 17 first-person stories for today: adapted for young adults

Wong, Alice

A young adult adaptation of Alice Wong's Disability Visibility: First Person Stories from the Twenty-First Century.

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Laughing at my Nightmare: Shane Burcaw is pictured with a talk bubble saying,
Laughing at My Nightmare

Burcaw, Shane

A twenty-one-year-old with spinal muscular atrophy describes the challenges he faces in completing everyday tasks and shares stories about growing up and living with this rare neuromuscular disease.

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Strangers Assume My Girlfriend is My Nurse. A young woman wears a nurses hat while holding her boyfirend
Strangers Assume my Girlfriend is my Nurse

Burcaw, Shane

With his signature acerbic wit and hilarious voice, twenty-something author, blogger, and entrepreneur Shane Burcaw is back with an essay collection about living a full life in a body that many people perceive as a tragedy.

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The Bite of the Mango

Kamara, Mariatu

The astounding story of one girl's journey from war victim to UNICEF Special Representative.

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The Disability Experience: Working Toward Belonging. 4 young adults stand together in solidarity.
The Disability Experience : working toward belonging

Leavitt, Hannalora

This nonfiction book for teens provides a history of disability, describes types of disabilities and examines the challenges faced by people living with disabilities.

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