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Max and the Tag-Along Moon

Cooper, Floyd

When Max leaves his grandfather's house, the moon follows him all the way home, just as Grandpa promised it would.

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Mixed Me!

Diggs, Taye author.

Rhyming text shares a day in the life of a mixed-race child named Mike as he answers questions about being mixed.

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My Cold Plum Lemon Pie Bluesy Mood

Brown, Tameka Fryer

Jamie describes his mood throughout the day, using colors and rhythmic text, as he changes from an "easy green mood" while drawing a picture for his sister to a "brooding black mood" when he is teased for doing so.

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My Daddy Rules the World

Smith, Hope Anita author.

A picture book of poems that celebrate fathers from a two-time Coretta Scott King Honor-winning poet.

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Pecan Pie Baby

Woodson, Jacqueline

When Mama's pregnancy draws attention away from Gia, she worries that the special bond they share will disappear forever once the baby is born.

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Please, Baby, Please

Lee, Spike

A toddler's antics keep his mother busy as she tries to feed him, watch him on the playground, give him a bath, and put him to bed.

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Maldonado, Torrey

After his quick-tempered father gets in a fight and is sent back to jail, sixth-grader Bryan, known for being quiet and thoughtful, snaps and follows new friend Mike into trouble.

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Trombone Shorty

Andrews, Troy

A Grammy-nominated headliner for the New Orleans Jazz Fest describes his childhood in Tremé and how he came to be a bandleader by age six.

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