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All the Way to the Top: How One Girl's fight for Americans with Disabilities Changed Everything. The cover art features a young girl climbing over top of a physical obstacle.
All the Way to the Top : how one girl’s fight for Americans with disabilities changed everything

Pimentel, Annette Bay

Diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth, Jennifer Keelan grew up battling--and overcoming--the limitations others set for her. From a lack of cutaway curbs and bus lifts to being denied enrollment at her neighborhood school, Jennifer was continually blocked from living the life she wanted. But after discovering the world of disability rights activism, she knew she had to use her voice to change things.

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Emmanuel's Dream: The True Story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah. The cover features Emmanuel riding his bike.
Emmanuel’s Dream : the true story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah

Thompson, Laurie Ann

The story of a West African youth who pursued an education, helped support his family, and became a record-setting cyclist in spite of a disability traces his ongoing achievements as an activist.

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I am Not a Label: 34 Diabled artists, thinkers, athletes, and activists from past and present. Figures such as Frida Kahlo, Stevie Wonder, and Stephen Hawking are featured.
I Am Not a Label : 34 disabled artists, thinkers, athletes and activists from past and present

Burnell, Cerrie

This book brings together 34 disabled artists, thinkers, athletes and activists from past and present. Find out how these iconic figures have overcome obstacles, owned their differences and paved the way for others by making their bodies and minds work for them.

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Rescue & Jessica. A girl, presumable Jessica, walks her rescue dog.
Rescue & Jessica : a life-changing friendship

Kensky, Jessica

When he is paired with a girl who has lost her legs, Rescue worries that he isn't up to the task of being her service dog.

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Respecting the Contributions of Disabled Americans by Sloan MacRae. A U.S Paralympic team celebrates a victory.
Respecting the Contributions of Disabled Americans

MacRae, Sloan

This book introduces disabled Americans, people with disabilities who have dealt with discrimination and bullying, and describes contributions disabled Americans have made to this country.

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Rolling Warrior: The incredible, sometimes awkward, true story of a rebel girl on wheels who helped spark a revolution. A woman is a wheelchair holds a sign reading
Rolling Warrior : the incredible, sometimes awkward, true story of a rebel girl on wheels who helped spark a revolution

Heumann, Judith E

One of the most influential disability rights activists in US history tells her story of fighting to belong in school and society -a powerful role model for young adults with a passion for activism.

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Six Dots: A story of young Louis Braille by Jen Bryant and Boris Kulikov. A boy reads Braille at a windowsill.
Six Dots : a story of young Louis Braille

Bryant, Jen

An inspiring picture-book biography of Louis Braille—a blind boy so determined to read that he invented his own alphabet. Winner of a Schneider Family Book Award!

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This kid can fly : it’s about ability (not disability)

Philip, Aaron

Fourteen-year-old creator of the Tumblr blog (3z(BAaronverse(3y(B traces his remarkable experiences that demonstrate how his abilities and achievements have defined him more than the challenges of his cerebral palsy.

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Tuesday Tucks Me In: The Loyal Bond between a Soldier and his Service Dog. A service dog rests its head on a person's foot.
Tuesday Tucks Me In : the loyal bond between a soldier and his service dog

Montalván, Luis Carlos

Based on the New York Times bestseller, UNTIL TUESDAY, this full-color picture book filled with adorable photographs tells the story of the amazing service dog who helps former U.S. Army Captain Luis Carlos MontalvÔan overcome his combat-related wounds.

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We Want to Go to School: The Fight for Disability Rights by Maryann Cocca-Leffler and Janine Leffler. A group of students with various disabilities stand in front of a desk with a gavel and a bill.
We Want to go to School! : the fight for disability rights

Cocca-Leffler, Maryann

There was a time in the United States when children with disabilities weren't allowed to go to public school. But in 1971, seven kids and their families wanted to do something about it. They knew that every child had a right to an equal education, so they went to court to fight for that right.

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What are the Paralympic Games. Athletes compete in a track race. The center figure wins.
What are the Paralympic Games?

Herman, Gail

As the Opening Ceremony for the 1948 Summer Olympic Games commenced in London, a similar sporting competition was taking place a few miles away. But the men at Stoke Mandeville weren't your typical athletes. They were paralyzed World War II veterans. Thegames at Stoke Mandeville were so successful that they would eventually lead evolve into the Paralympics.

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