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Category: New DVDs

April 2019: New and On-Order DVDs

Published: April 5, 2019

12 Days (2018, French Documentary, Director: Raymond Depardon) (widescreen, French with English subtitles) Every year in France, 92,000 people are placed under psychiatric care without their consent. This documentary focuses on those who have been involuntarily remanded to a mental hospital, and more specifically documents the hearings that, according to a 2013 law, are required to take place twelve days after each patient has been committed.   Apollo 11 (2019, Documentary, Director: Todd Douglas Miller) (widescreen, G) Starring: Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins From director, Todd Douglas Miller comes a cinematic event fifty years in the making. Crafted from …


March 2019: New and On-Order DVDs

Published: March 6, 2019

1804: The Hidden History of Haiti (2017, Documentary, Dir. Tariq Nasheed) (widescreen) A documentary film about the untold history of the Haitian Revolution. 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days (2007, Romanian Drama, Dir. Cristian Mungiu) (widescreen, in Romanian with English subtitles, Criterion Collection) Starring: Anamaria Marinca, Laura Vasiliu, Vlad Ivanov A young woman and her friend make their way to a black market doctor and face the choice as to whether or not one of them should have an illegal abortion. Alita: Battle Angel (2019, Canadian Action/Adventure Drama, Dir. Robert Rodriquez) (widescreen, PG-13) Starring: Rosa Salazar, Mahershala Ali, Jennifer …


February 2019: New and On-Order DVDs

Published: February 14, 2019

The Amazing Human Body (2018, PBS Documentary) (widescreen) This three-part series uses cutting-edge graphics to reveal the surprisingly beautiful biological processes that keep one alive. Discover the ingenious ways your body develops, adapts, and endures, and witness the fascinating and finely tuned systems that keep one’s body motoring, and the scientists guessing.   Arctic (2019, Drama: Survival. Director: Joe Penna) (widescreen, PG-13) Starring: Mads Mikkelsen, Maria Thelma Smaradottir A man stranded after a plane crash must decide if he should undertake a trek into the unknown in hopes of rescue or remain in his self-made camp that provides relative safety. …


January 2019: New and On-Order DVDs

Published: February 14, 2019

1985 (2018, Award-winning LGBT Drama: Overcoming adversity, Dir. Yen Tan) (widescreen, NR) Starring: Cory Michael Smith, Virginia Madsen, Michael Chiklis, Jamie Chung Closeted advertising executive Adrian returns to his Texas hometown for the holidays during the first wave of the AIDS crisis. Burdened with an unspeakable tragedy in New York City. Adrian looks to reconnect with his preteen brother Andrew while navigating his relationship with religious parents Eileen and Dale. When he reaches out to his estranged childhood friend, their unresolved issues force Adrian to confront an uncertain future that will significantly alter the lives of those around him.   …


December 2018: New and On-Order DVDs

Published: December 15, 2018

1945 (2017, Award-winning Hungarian Drama, Dir.  Ferenc Torok) (widescreen, in Hungarian with English subtitles) Starring: Peter Rudolf, Ivan Angelus, Marcell Nagy, Bence Tasnadi, Tamas Szabo Kimmel, Dora Sztarenki, Agi Szirtes, Jozsef Szarvas, Eszter Nagy-Kalozy, Sandor Terhes On a summer day in 1945, an Orthodox man and his grown son return to a village in Hungary while the villagers prepare for the wedding of the town clerk’s son. The townspeople, suspicious, remorseful, fearful, and cunning, expect the worst and behave accordingly. The town clerk fears the men may be heirs of the village’s deported Jews and expects them to demand their …


October 2018: New and On-Order DVDs

Published: October 11, 2018

50 Years of Blonde on Blonde—The Concert (2017, Music Concert) (widescreen) Starring: Old Crow Medicine Show To mark the 50th anniversary of Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde, GRAMMY Award-winning group Old Crow Medicine Show performed Bob’s classic album in its entirety at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.   The Americans—Season 6 (2018, Television Series: Crime/Drama) (widescreen) Starring: Keri Russell, Holly Taylor, Matthew Rhys It is 1987, and an imminent Gorbachev-Reagan nuclear arms summit promises to ease world tensions. But life for the Jennings family is more precarious than ever: Elizabeth’s relentless dedication as a KGB agent has …


September 2018: New and On-Order DVDs

Published: September 5, 2018

Aida’s Secrets (2018, Canadian Documentary, Alon Schwarz, Shaul Schwarz) (widescreen) In this moving documentary, the discovery of records from WWII sparks a family’s quest for answers as two brothers separated as babies reunite with each other and their elderly mother, who hid more from them than just each other.   American Animals (2018, Drama: Crime Heist/Thieves, Bart Layton) (widescreen, R) Starring: Evan Peters, Ann Dowd, Barry Keoghan, Blake Jenner, Udo Kier, Jared Abrahamson Four young men mistake their lives for a movie and attempt one of the most audacious heists in U.S. history.   American Horror Story Season 7 (2018, …


August 2018: New and On-Order DVDs

Published: July 31, 2018

Adrift (2018, Romantic Drama & Disaster Thriller, Director Baltasar Kormakur) (widescreen, PG-13) Starring: Shailene Woodley, Sam Claflin, Grace Palmer, Jeffrey Thomas Based on the true story of survival, a young couple’s chance encounter leads them first to love, and then on the adventure of a lifetime as they face one of the most catastrophic hurricanes in recorded history. Adrift   American Horror Story (Season 7): Cult (2018, Television Horror Series) (widescreen, TV-MA) Starring: Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Cheyenne Jackson, Billie Lourd, Alison Pill Ally finds herself relentlessly terrorized by masked clowns. Those close to her, including her psychiatrist Dr. Rudy …


July 2018: New and On-Order DVDs

Published: July 9, 2018

1.5 Stay Alive (2017, Documentary, Environmental, Lucien Segura) (widescreen) The aim of international climate change policy is to limit global warming to two degrees Celsius. But scientists believe that a temperature rise of just one and a half degrees could lead to irreversible damage to ecosystems and terrestrial and marine areas. 1.5 Stay Alive    An Actor’s Revenge (1963, Japanese Drama, remastered 2018, Kon Ichikawa) (widescreen, in Japanese with English subtitles, Criterion Collection) Starring: Kazuo Hasegawa, Fujiko Yamamoto Yukinojo, a Kabuki actor, seeks revenge by destroying the three men who caused the deaths of his parents. Also involved are the …


May/June 2018: New and On-Order DVDs

Published: June 12, 2018

The Age of Innocence (1993, 2018, Romantic Period Drama, remastered, Martin Scorcese) (widescreen, PG, Criterion Collection) Starring: Daniel Day-Lewis, Michelle Pfeiffer, Winona Ryder Tells the story of Newland Archer, whose engagement to an innocent socialite binds him to the codes and rituals of his upbringing. When her cousin arrives in town on a wave of scandal after separating from her husband, she ignites passions in Newland he never knew existed. Swelling with exquisite period detail, this film is an alternately heartbreaking and satirical look at the brutality of old-world America. Age of Innocence    Annihilation (2018, Sci-Fi Thriller, Alex Garland) …