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Play Kits

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Play Kits are filled with educational toys, puzzles, books, music, and games to help prepare your little one for school success. Check out a themed kit for up to three weeks and use the tools and tips for fun, at-home learning.

Play Kit Themes

3 board books, assorted baby toys, parent tip sheet, and music cd

Kits for Babies+ (0-12 months)

These kits are designed for the beginning, when your child is learning the sound of your voice is different from music, how to grasp a toy, and move things around.

Kits for Toddlers+ (12 months-3 years)

Colored rings that fit onto a wooden board, Toy baskets for play food, 3 books about colors, parent tips sheet

That time when they are soaking up knowledge like little sponges! With these kits, you can teach the building blocks of math, science, reading, and critical thinking, all at home.

Kits for Preschoolers+ (3-6 years)

Assorted soft bug puppets, magnifying glass, information sheets, 3 bug picture books

Just as your child begins to have defined interests, we provide kits on favorite topics!

Contact the Youth Department, 734-482-4110 x1340 for more information.

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