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Interest: Little Ones

Garden Gatherings: Backyard Jungle

Published: July 12, 2021

Looking for an outdoor activity? Measure off a square foot and explore.


Garden Gatherings: Dendrochronology

Published: June 25, 2021

Pick up information at the YDL-Whittaker youth desk, then study our tree slices from Matthaei Botanical Garden, or use the resources in this post to learn more!


Garden Gatherings: Birding

Published: June 19, 2021

If you missed our Birding Garden Gathering, hear the read aloud and find the activities you can do at home!


YDL Reopening Plans: Staying safe and what to expect

Published: June 3, 2021

Welcome back! Learn how and when YDL is reopening safely.


#ownvoices South Asian Authors

South Asia is made up of countries including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Iran, and the Maldives. This collection of books celebrates authors from this beautiful region that is also known for being the home of the Himalayan Mountains.

Celebrating neurodiversity

Celebrating neurodiversity recognizes and brings awareness to brain diversity.  Down syndrome, Autism, ADHD, Emotional Dysregulation, Anxiety, Learning Challenges and others disorders can be included in this discussion.  This collection of books introduce kids to this dialogue.  Reading about neurodiversity develops empathy, acceptance and can create a safe space for children to ask questions.

Little Ones STEAM: Colors

Published: May 4, 2021

Talk about colors while you write, read, sing and play!


Michigan Activity Pass
Put your Summer on the MAP

Published: May 1, 2021

Are you ready to get even more with your Michigan Activity Pass (MAP)? Metroparks has joined the MAP program! As of May 1, 13 Metroparks will offer free admission to MAP patrons! To claim your free daily vehicle pass*: 1) Visit and click “Get Museum & Park Passes.” 2) Fill out the details under “Plan Your Next Activity.” 3) Click the Metropark of choice and fill out the corresponding form that appears when you click “Request Pass.” 4) Click the “Submit This Request” button that appears on the summary page. 5) Print the confirmation page! The 13 participating Metroparks …


#ownvoices Latinx authors

‘Latinx’ is a gender-neutral word for people of Latin American descent. This collection highlights the voices and experiences of Latinx authors.

#ownvoices East Asian authors

Enjoy this collection of books written by East Asian authors. East Asia is a large expanse of territory with China as its largest country. This region also includes Japan, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, and Taiwan.

#ownvoices Southeast Asian Authors

Enjoy this collection of books written by Southeast Asian authors. This region includes countries of impressive diversity in culture, religion, and history: Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Timor-Leste, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

#ownvoices West Asian authors

Enjoy this great collection of books written by authors from Western Asia. This region includes Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Cyprus, Georgia, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. You’ll find beautiful picture books that touch a range of topics as well as books for older children written with a West Asian voice.

Preschool and Kindergarten Resource Fair

Published: March 29, 2021

Learn about local options for kindergarten and preschool, then visit our school readiness page for tips and activities!


#ownvoices Asian and Asian American Authors

Here are a few recent books by Asian American authors with Asian American characters.

#ownvoices Picture books by African American Authors: NEW!

Great books written by African American authors and published within the last 2 years. Some authors you may have heard of before, others may be brand new to the scene! The collection has many age ranges inside.

Enjoy our School Readiness Page

Published: March 11, 2021

Explore resources and videos to get your child (and family) ready for Kindergarten.


School Readiness

School Readiness WHAT IS SCHOOL READINESS? There are many types of school readiness skills generally considered important for kids to master before they start kindergarten. 4-5 year olds develop at different rates, so your child might master some easily and not learn others before they start school. In general, being able to do the types of skills you’ll find on this page will help make your child’s transition to kindergarten more successful. A parent’s role in preparing a child for school is to create a healthy, safe, supportive, and engaging environment. Scroll down to find tips and fun activities to …

Losing a Pet

For many children, the loss of a pet is an introduction to death and loss of a loved one. These books are a great entry point into more conversation or simply using the time for connection.

Footprints in the Snow

Published: February 25, 2021

Find fun activities to do inside and outside with your little one to learn about animal tracks!