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COVID-19 notice: We are not currently facilitating these workshops. If you would like to be notified when workshops resume, contact Mary Garboden at or 734-482-4110 x1316.


BiFolkal workshops work to create multi-sensory experiences for groups of seniors. With booklets, skits, music CDs, DVDs, and items to touch, the materials in each kit stimulate senses and memories, sparking fascinating discussions. With seven different themed workshops, participants will reminisce about the past and honor the accomplishments of earlier generations. Our outreach staff is skilled at creating fun workshops for your group using these kits.

Call Mary Garboden at 734-482-4110 x1316 to arrange a BiFolkal workshop. We can visit your location or bring a group to the library.

Workshop themes

  • Remembering African-Americans: Celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of great African-Americans.
  • Remembering Fun & Games: Board games, cards, dice, string, and backyard shenanigans! Bring back memories of playing games and having fun!
  • Remembering the Fashion: Every generation has their own fashion sense, and of course everything old is new again at some point. Hair, swimwear, and shoes are also topics of discussion for both men and women.
  • Remembering the Homefront: During World War II US citizens at home got behind the war effort, whether they were rationing food or recycling rubber.
  • Remembering Music: Music is the universal language. Just a few notes of a song or a certain lyric can take us back to a remarkable time in our lives.
  • Remembering Pets: Remember a favorite furry companion that will always have a place in your heart. Even those who never had pets will have a story to share about an animal they knew.
  • Remembering School Days: Remember what school was like back when you had to walk five miles through the snow just to get there.