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Book of the Month!

With the Fire On High by Elizabeth Acevedo

Elizabeth Acevedo brings you culinary adventures in this novel as Emoni, the main character, navigates her senior year of high school and is looking towards what her future holds. She decides to take a culinary arts class to learn how to cook professionally, since she loves to cook at home. The thing is, learning the technical skillof cooking proves difficult for Emoni, as she is used to cooking with her emotions. This book will inspire teens not only to follow their hearts and try new things, but also has lots of yummy recipes that you can try out at home! Click the cover to download the book from Hoopla!

New Music Playlist

Change up your routine and check out a new band or artist! Our super cool new youth library aide, Maddy, compiled a playlist for you with the following songs and artists:

  1. Drivers License- Olivia Rodrigo
  2. Bad Bad News-Tai Verdes
  3. Put Your Records On- Ritt Momney
  4. Night Garden- BENEE
  5. Chemicals- SG Lewis
  6. OK- The Wallows
  7. Heat Waves- Glass Animals
  8. Telepatia- Kali Uchis
  9. Stay Back- Omar Apollo
  10. Parallel Parking – Arden Jones
  11. Beautiful Faces- Declan McKenna
  12. Bang!- AJR

For more info on these artists, check out a little synopsis on each brought to you by Maddy!

Teens Believe in Trying Something New

Our Teen Advisory Group (TAG) would like to remind you to try something new this March with our Teen Subscription Packs! Below are some ideas from TAG to help challenge you to go out of your comfort zone this month and be a little adventurous!

TAG suggests…

Did you try something new and want to tell us about it? Tag us on our Instagram account @ypsilibraryteens and let us know with the hashtag #trysomethingnew