YDL hosts national touring and local art exhibits for the enrichment of the community. Most exhibits take place in the Community Room at YDL-Whittaker, but exhibits are also shown at YDL-Michigan. Contact John Connaghan if you are interested in having your art considered for an exhibit at YDL.

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Saline Painters Guild

Oct. 27-Dec. 19, 2016

Saline Painters Guild is a group of highly skilled painters who use a variety of media including watercolor, oil, and acrylic. Throughout their many years, the Saline Painters Guild has played a large role in their community through various public exhibits. Many of these artists also have work that has been presented in galleries including the Two Twelve Art Center. Along with being exhibited in numerous galleries, many of their pieces have won awards and are available for purchase. As a group, they have held events that provide all skill levels with the opportunity to improve their painting skills through techniques and personal guidance. You can find information on where their work is being exhibited on their Facebook page.


American Institute of Architects

Dec. 20-Jan. 16, 2017

American Institute of Architects is based in Washington, D.C., and has been the leading professional membership association for licensed architects, emerging professionals, and allied partners since 1857. Each year, the AIA sponsors hundreds continuing education experiences to help architects maintain their licensure, while also setting the industry standard in contract documents with more than 100 forms and contracts used in the design and construction industry, and most importantly, serving as an advocate of the architecture profession. The exhibit shows the latest work from members of the local AIA chapter.

Ann Arbor Women Artists

Feb. 12-Mar. 30, 2017

AAWA is a non-profit organization of approximately 300 member ranging from beginning to professional.AAWA was founded in 1951 by Sarah Bull, Elsie Bailey and Doris Porter Mcleanand its membership includes artists working in a variety of media and producing vastly different types of art—including several men.  Today, this non-profit organization, open to all visual artists 18 and older, has approximately 330+ members with connections to Ann Arbor, Michigan, ranging from beginning to professional artists. The purpose of the AAWA is to stimulate creative expression and sharing among its members in order to continually raise the quality of the art produced. Still run as a volunteer organization, members exhibit their work in several different juried and non-juried exhibition spaces throughout the year. Additional information can be found on their public Facebook Page and Twitter Page.

Silver Club

Apr. 1-Apr. 30, 2017

Started in 1998, Silver Club has provide a safe, nurturing environment for older adults with memory loss or other cognitive changes for 24 years. In addition, Silver Club Programs are a place to make friends and enjoy discussions and innovative activities, tailored to different needs.Staff and volunteers join with members to create a community where people with memory loss can make friends, share joys and fears, and participate in fun and meaningful activities. In recent years, art students from U-M have designed interesting collaborative art experiences for Silver Club members. The artwork from this program will be on display at YDL.

Joanne Porter

May 1-Jun. 8, 2017

From a tender age, Joanne Porter knew that she would be involved in art. She could spend most of her free time drawing, sketching and painting using any drawing tool she could come across. She is now a professional painter whose work is admired by many. As a floral painter, Joanne Porter prefers to work from fresh flowers rather than from photographs. When she starts a painting, Joanne imagines a slight breeze gently moving the pedals; she then tries to capture that movement in her composition. Using many layers of color, her intent is to convey the delicate feel of the flowers as well as their richness of color. Joanne explores her creativity in a variety of media including pen and ink, graphite, gouache, acrylic and watercolor. She believes the variety of flowers keep her prints, art and posters fresh and adds to their collectability. Her works have been published as fine art prints, greeting cards, and posters. Since she became a full time artist, her paintings are now much sought after by discerning private collectors and galleries all over the world. To view some of her work, go to http://www.artlicensing.com/content/joanne-porter.

Step Right Up

Jun. 15-Aug. 11, 2017

In the early 20th century, through depression-ridden times, a dust bowl, and the Red Scare, one form of revelry thrived–the circus. The Big Top was a thrilling spectacle that burst into towns along the American road and railways. Traveling from coast to coast, rail cars packed with canvas, exotic animal menageries, strongmen, fat ladies, and roustabouts brought a much needed relief to millions of Americans. 

Step Right Up! Behind the Scenes of the Circus Big Top, 1890–1965 explores a history fraught with intrigue and majesty and gives viewers their chance to run away with the circus. In collaboration with the Tegge Circus Archives, Step Right Up! takes viewers behind the scenes of the circus, exploring the dramatic pageantry, colorful past, and living presence of this grand American theatrical tradition. Approximately sixty pieces of circus history are featured in Step Right Up! including full-color posters, costume regalia, historic photographs, billboards, oversize graphics, and oral histories from past performers. The circus is an experience once shared by most communities; Step Right Up! is primed for local programming and performance arts offerings, including a personal presentation from curator Timothy Tegge.

Step Right Up! also highlights how the insatiable fantasy of circus life was both an alternate reality and a vision founded in truth. For many performers, the big top’s nomadic life offered a different kind of escape and in many instances, a life that challenged the economic and gender conventions of the age. The juxtaposition of romanticized imagery and backstage stories and photographs reveal both the fantasy and reality of circus life, exploring the illusions that played to the imaginations of so many.


Past Exhibits

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