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YDL offers exam proctoring services for a $15 fee per exam. Staff are available to proctor exams and tests during the library’s open hours. Send an email to or call the Adult Services department at (734) 482-4110 x1377 for more information.

To schedule your exam, complete a proctor request form below, or submit a paper form at the Whittaker Road Library.

Questions? Email or call (734) 482-4110 x1377.

Exam Proctoring Guidelines
  • Proctoring is available during regular library hours at our Whittaker Road location, 5577 Whittaker Road Ypsilanti MI 48197. Online exams are taken in the computer training lab and must be scheduled around library computer classes. The Library can provide a laptop upon request.
  • The Proctoring fee is $15.00 per exam, due at the time the exam is administered. The Library accepts cash, checks, and credit or debit payments.
  • The library cannot guarantee that students will be observed at all times during exams.
  • The proctor may be someone other than the person originally contacted by the student.
  • One week advance notice is required for software installation on any Library equipment. The Library will notify the student if software installation is not possible on library equipment.
  • Examinations not completed within 30 days of receipt will not be retained unless specific arrangements have been made by the student.
  • The library is not responsible for retaining copies of past tests after the date requested by the examining institution.
  • The library reserves the right to refuse proctoring if the guidelines are not followed and student responsibilities are not fulfilled.
Student Responsibilities
  • Confirm with the school that the library guidelines fulfill school proctoring requirements.
  • Complete, sign and return the proctor request form. Return in person or via email to:
  • Confirm that the library has received the exam.
  • Schedule your exam with a librarian at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Contact the library to cancel a scheduled test time. Tests missed without notice will not be rescheduled.
  • Come prepared with appropriate I.D.
  • Provide address and stamped envelopes for exams that need to be returned by mail.
  • Relinquish personal laptops, cell phones, and all other materials not allowed during testing. A space will be provided to safely store these items.

Exam Proctor Request