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Exhibits, Displays, Bulletin Boards Policy
Approved: 09/22/2005

The Ypsilanti District Library is open for specific and designated uses, including providing access to intellectual and cultural resources to the community it serves. When designated exhibit spaces within the facilities of YDL are not in use by the Library, space may be available for exhibits, displays and postings submitted from outside the library.

Distribution of printed materials in the public library to library patrons and staff is disruptive to the operations of the library and its use by the public. The distribution of pamphlets and flyers or other printed materials is not allowed in public library facilities without prior approval of the Director or the Director’s designee.

Bulletin Boards

  • Community groups, organizations, and individuals are welcome to use the public bulletin boards of the library (located near print stations at both facilities) as a public forum. Space is provided for items of an educational, cultural, civic, or recreational nature, rather than for commercial or political purposes. The bulletin board is a community service to publicize local groups, meetings, cultural events, non-partisan political events, fund-raising events for non-profit organizations, educational opportunities, or other services that are of a non-profit nature.
  • Materials on the bulletin boards may be seen by anyone who walks into the building – both children and adults. Therefore, postings must meet a standard acceptable to the community.
  • Items for posting will be submitted to and approved by the Community Relations Department of YDL.
  • The date items are received will be stamped, and the item will be removed after one month or when timeliness ceases.
  • Public posters, pamphlets, and flyers will be displayed as space permits on a first-come, first-served basis on Library bulletin boards. Items may be rejected for lack of space.
  • Only one item will be posted per event or function at each facility of the Ypsilanti District Library.
  • YDL does not necessarily advocate or endorse the viewpoints of organizations permitted to post notices on the Library bulletin boards. The Library accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any item accepted for posting.

Exhibits and Displays

  • All exhibits, whether generated by library staff or the public, will be considered in terms of the standards listed below. Responsibility for the selection of exhibits rests with designated Library staff. The Library Director has final authority for approval of exhibits. The following will be considered when selecting or approving exhibits:
    • suitability of subject, technique, style, and format for intended audience
    • artistic expression
    • historical or local relevance
    • relation to other events or exhibits in the community
    • ease of installation
    • representation of an influential movement, genre, trend, or national culture
    • attention of viewers and the public
    • standard acceptable to the community
  • Approved exhibits are scheduled by the Community Relations Department of the Library.
  • Individual exhibitors or groups are limited to a single one-month exhibit annually. Educational groups may schedule exhibits more than once a year, provided there is space available. The Library’s need for exhibit space takes precedence over the public’s request to use such areas. In the unlikely event that the Library needs space previously scheduled, the Library would make every attempt to locate an alternate exhibit space in the Library or schedule a future exhibit time.
  • Each artist/group is responsible for transporting, hanging, and dismantling their own works exhibited at the Library. Library staff assistance is not available.
  • Each artist/group must sign the Exhibit Agreement and Waiver Form that releases YDL from any responsibility for loss or damage to works on display.
  • Exhibits must conform to the space restrictions of the exhibit area provided.
  • Any press releases or publicity related to the exhibit is subject to editorial review by YDL’s Community Relations Department if applicable.
  • Nothing may be attached to walls. Tape, labels, thumbtacks, or adhesives for signage may not be used on any of the walls in the Library.
  • The Ypsilanti District Library does not allow solicitation or selling of items in the Library. Artistic works for sale may be purchased directly from the artist, but only outside the Library.
  • No price tags may be affixed to the works exhibited or pricing lists distributed in the Library.
  • The Library will not provide storage or transportation for the property of exhibitors.
  • An artist may not transfer an exhibit reservation to another artist.
  • The Library does not insure articles or materials exhibited and is not responsible for theft or damage. Exhibitors must make their own arrangements for insurance.



Exhibit Application

  • Max. file size: 50 MB.
    The proposal must state clearly the theme of the exhibit, its content, the design of the display including physical dimensions and how the display can be placed specifically in the space available.
    I have read and agree to abide by the Exhibits, Displays, and Bulletin Boards Policy of the Ypsilanti District Library. I hereby do not hold the Ypsilanti District Library liable for any damages, injuries, theft, etc. while said artist is displaying their works at the Library. I agree to submit to the YDL Community Relations Department all related publicity and press releases for editorial review prior to their release.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.