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Propose a Library Program

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We are always looking for engaging educational presentations and programs to share with our patrons. Please use the form below to tell us about the program you’d like to offer. Library programs are are open to the public and offered at no charge to library patrons.

Please note: Library programs are educational enrichment opportunities and may NOT be commercial in nature. Presentations may not include sales of any product, describe products for sale, or recommend a particular business or product. We do pay presenters reasonable remuneration–please indicate your desired presenter fee in your proposal.

Programming Schedule

Library programs are arranged on a seasonal basis, and a lot of lead time is required to plan a program. Please keep this schedule in mind as it may be several months before we are able to consider proposals for the next season’s programming.

  • Winter/Spring (January-May): decided November 15
  • Summer (June-August): decided April 15
  • Fall (September-December): decided July 15

Program Proposal

Please complete this if you are interested in giving a presentation, class, or workshop at the library.
  • About You

  • About Your Program

    Please tell us about the workshop, class, presentation, or performance that you would be interested in offering at the library.
  • Library programs are offered for free to participants, but we do often pay presenters. Please indicate your fee here.
  • Does your program require any special materials that the library would need to provide? Or any special preparation or space considerations? Please give a brief indication of what is needed. We will go into more detail if your program is selected.
  • If you have recently presented at other libraries, schools, or similar organizations, please share the contact information for one or two references.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.