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AfterworldsBy Westerfeld, Scott

Afterworlds is a noteworthy novel, giving us two stories at once. At 18 Darcy Patel is publishing a novel, using the advance from her publisher she moves to New York City to try and make it as an author. In her new reality she meets other authors, makes friends, struggles with edits of her book, and falls in love for the first time. Darcy’s reality is not the typical teens’, but Scott Westerfeld, an experienced teen novelist himself, gives the reader a fun and insightful look into the world that is YA publishing in NYC. Interspersed with Darcy’s new life is Darcy’s novel, Afterworlds, a thriller that follows Lizzie, who after being the sole survivor of a terrorist attack discovers powers that allow her to visit a place between life and death. In this world Lizzie hones her skills by befriending a handsome and mysterious boy who shares her gift, as well as her mother’s murdered childhood friend, who unbeknownst to Lizzie, has been living in her and her mother’s house for years. She also comes across a wicked and cunning man who uses his own powers for personal gain in the Afterworld. As different as the two stories are, both Darcy and Lizzie’s story are entertaining and absorbing, especially Lizzie’s adventures. The reader is left satisfied, and wanting more. Afterworlds is begging for a sequel!

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