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Glory O'Brien's history of the futureBy King, A. S. (Amy Sarig), 1970-

Here is another thought provoking and original novel by the wonderful A.S. King. Glory O’Brien is a recent high school graduate, talented photographer, and loyal daughter. She also carries the weight of her mother’s suicide on her shoulders, and fears that she will ultimately end up like her. Glory makes no plans for the future, and prepares to spend her summer in her mother's old dark room, and hanging out with her best friend Ellie, who lives in the "hippie freak commune" across the street. After drinking the ashes of a bat (yes, the ashes of a bat) the girls are able to see a person’s past and future when looking at them. Glory's visions show her a future filled with chaos, the loss of women's rights, and a second civil war. She records her visions and tries to figure out to prevent them from happening, if they are indeed true. Meanwhile, Glory also starts to question and talk about her mother with her dad. It is through these interactions that discoveries are made, healing finally begins, and Glory's eyes open to realities she never knew.
An imaginative and emotional novel, Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future confirms that anything is possible, even when you believe that nothing is.

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