About the Bookmobile

Mission Statement

The Bookmobile is a unique location of the library in that it brings library materials to people. It serves as an alternative to stationary locations, and can go places where library use may otherwise be minimal or nonexistent, breaking down barriers of unfamiliarity and reaching people who cannot get to a library building due to physical, economic, social, geographic, or other barriers. In fulfilling this mission, the primary functions of the bookmobile are to:

  • Schedule bookmobile stops in areas of high concentrations of people, according to criteria outlined in the policy statement
  • Offer current popular materials and reference information for people of all ages
  • Promote basic literacy and a lifelong desire to read
  • Present programs to encourage continued use of the bookmobile, particularly for children
  • Introduce readers to library services
  • Provide personalized library service in a cozy, friendly environment
  • Generate a positive image of the library as a whole by being highly visible throughout the entire community

The Bookmobile is not a replacement to traditional library services, however functions as an alternative outreach service.


Our Bookmobile, the Navigator, arrived in February of 2008.

  • 36' long, 11'-11" tall
  • Air-conditioned
  • Equipped with a seating area for storytimes and book browsing
  • Carries over 3,000 books, movies, CDs, and magazines
  • For all ages
  • Makes an average of 90 stops per month
  • Circulates an average of 1,859 items per month
Material Requests

The Bookmobile carries over 3,000 books and magazines for people of all ages, however, there may be a specific item that you need that we may not have on board. To request an item to be brought out to you at one of our regular stops, please contact a staff member at (734) 482-4110, ext. 1359. To better serve you, it is advised that all requests be made at least 24 hours in advance in order to allow ample research and transfer time of requested materials.

Special Visits

The Bookmobile is able to provide special visits, outside of its scheduled stop times. The visits include a tour, explanation of library services, and materials checked out if needed. Some examples include Downtown Halloween, pre-schools, daycares, public, and private schools. You may request a special visit by contacting Mary at (734) 482-4110, ext. 1316, or by filling out a bookmobile visit request form.

Go to Bookmobile Request for a Special Visit form »

Off Road Conditions

Occasionally, the Bookmobile will be out of service for maintenance, holiday closings, or inclement weather. The status of the Bookmobile can be verified by contacting the office at (734) 482-4110, ext. 1359, for an updated announcement in the case of a canceled route. If you have materials to return that are due on a day that we are off the road, you may return them on the next scheduled visit without accruing any fines. If you return them to another YDL facility, please inform the staff of your scheduled stop location and date missed, in order to waive any fines.

If you would like to be called or emailed when the Bookmobile is going to miss its stop in your neighborhood, please call us at (734) 482-4110, ext. 1359 or email us.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the YDL Bookmobile service please telephone us at (734) 482-4110, ext. 1359 or email us.

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