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Homeschool Help


At the Ypsilanti District Library we strive to support and encourage parents’ roles as their children’s first teachers – from infancy and beyond. We recognize many families are choosing a path of home based learning and we are here to support you on that journey. We are a destination for homeschool resources–books, audiobooks, access to the internet, printers, homeschool specific programming, and extra learning support.

Please use this website as an updated, ongoing place to learn about what we have to offer your self directed learning experience as well as other homeschooling opportunities in the area.  Our goal is to support you and your family because we know the road to knowledge is paved with a lot of resources. Please be part of the local homeschool conversation!


We offer many resources to support home learning. You can schedule a group visit for kids and parents to learn how to use any of these resources. We give behind the scene tours of YDL-Whittaker, too! Kids learn how the library works as a shared community resource. Contact for more information.