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Meeting Rooms

Book a Meeting Room

Use our online system to request a room. Create a free account to reserve, manage, and cancel your reservations.

Reserve a meeting room

Using our new reservation system

Meeting rooms are available for public use at the YDL-Whittaker and YDL-Michigan locations. Using meeting rooms is free, except the Community Meeting Room at YDL-Whittaker which has a $50 fee.

Booking a Meeting Room

You can book a room online, using the kiosks that are available at Michigan Ave. and Whittaker Road, or by asking at the help desks. In most cases, your request will be approved automatically when the space is available. For the Community Room, a staff member will contact you to discuss your reservation.

Room Reservation Rules

  • Rooms are first come, first serve and you may make same-day reservations. ***Please note: Equipment is not available for same-day reservations.***
  • You may book rooms a maximum of 60 days in advance.
  • Maximum 4 hour booking, once per day (except the Community Room.)
  • Reservations are forfeited if you do not arrive within the first 30 minutes of reserved time.
  • Rooms are for non-commercial purposes. No selling, soliciting, or using rooms for ticketed events.
  • Use is subject to our facilities usage policy.



Contact Karen Esper
(734) 482-4110 x1371

YDL-Whittaker Meeting Rooms

Audio visual equipment and flip charts are available upon request in some rooms at YDL-Whittaker. Please request items when you make your reservation. Requests must be made at least 2 business days in advance.

Whiteboard markers are available at the reference desk.

Community Room Reservation Rules

  • The Library does not allow personal or private parties in the Community Room (such as baby showers, retirements, graduation parties, etc.)
  • When using a meeting room, no admission may be charged, and products and services may not be advertised, solicited or sold.
  • The Community Room may be booked a maximum of four times per year. Exceptions may be allowed upon approval of the Library Director.
  • The Ypsilanti District Library assumes and shall bear no responsibility whatever for personal injury to any member, affiliated person, guest, invitee or licensee of the using organization, or for loss of, or injury or damage to any property of the using organization, its members, affiliated person, guests, invitees or licensees.
  • The using organization and its individual members, jointly and severally, assume and shall bear full responsibility for loss of, injury or damage to, any property of the Ypsilanti District Library as shall be caused or inflicted by the using organization, its members, affiliated persons, guests, invitees or licensees.
  • The using organization shall leave the meeting room and facilities in clean and orderly conditions.
  • Light refreshments requiring no cooking may be served.
  • Smoking is not permitted.
  • No tacks, nails or cellophane tape are to be placed in or on doors, walls or furniture.
  • Use of the Community Room is subject to our Facilities Usage Policy.
Community Meeting Room


  • 80 people with chairs only
  • 54 people with tables and chairs

Includes: small kitchenette, baby grand piano (subject to piano use policy)
Equipment available upon request:

  • Projector with drop-down screen
  • Audio system with wired microphones
  • Tables and chairs arranged as requested
Room 1C

Seats: 8 people
Includes: Table and chairs, whiteboard
Available upon request: TV Cart

Rooms 1A and 1B

These small rooms are great for one-on-one meetings or taking a conference call. Due to their small size, additional items like TV carts, easels, and whiteboards may not be requested for these rooms.

Seats: 2 people
Includes: Table and chairs; whiteboard

Room 2A

This larger meeting room is great for group projects or smaller classes or book groups.

Seats: 6 people
Includes: Table and chairs, whiteboard
Available upon request: TV Cart

Room 2B

This room includes a small waiting area with a bench outside the meeting room. It’s ideal for small meetings, interviews, and group projects.

Seats: 4 people
Includes: Table and chairs, whiteboard
Available upon request: TV Cart

YDL-Michigan Meeting Rooms

Additional equipment is not available for YDL-Michigan meeting rooms.

Room 1

Located on the first floor just as you enter this building, this room is very visible and great for public meetings.

Seats: 10 people
Includes: Table and chairs

Room 2

This room is at the bottom of the stairs in the lower level of the YDL-Michigan building, near the youth area. It is the largest meeting room at YDL that you can reserve at no cost.

Seats: 18 people
Includes: Table and chairs, whiteboard